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How to Reduce Stress and Tensions from Your Life

Updated on November 9, 2013

Most of us are hassled by stress, tension and anxiety in our day to day life. With the current job scenario becoming more competitive and result oriented, there are times when things become too hard to cope. This paves way for depression and emotional burn outs.

This hub provides you with some options through which stress build up can be avoided and also quick fixes for the same.

1. The Answer is within your reach.


The saying comes from Sages of Ancient India. It is believed that our subconscious knows what is right for us. Be it in finding our destiny, even providing a peek into the future. Don’t believe it……

Thing about an event, you felt so real and familiar, though it has never before occurred in your life.

It might have come to you in a dream, when the subconscious was in control of your body. Such instances of life is commonly referred to as a Déjà vu.

The worries and tension you experience, is a mode by which mind communicates, something is not right.

To tap into your inner self, requires a quiet and calm environment, which can be created in the comfort of your home.

Give advance notice to your friends and family, that you need some private time.

Go to a room, close the door and turn on any classical or lounge music. This is to filter the unwanted noise from outside. Listen to the music for sometime. Let it flow through you.

Slowly focus on the thoughts which worry you the most. Get a piece of paper and write it down. Let it flow, whatever that comes to your mind, goes into the paper.

You need not do this in one long stretch. Take breaks in between, by going for a short walk or having a cup of coffee.

Now that you have your worries on paper, the next step is to solve them. Brain storm your mind to get possible solutions. Don’t worry if the answers are not forthcoming. It takes time. But you will surely attain it.

You can also use the aid of technology in your search. Use Google, Yahoo or any internet resources to find solutions to your issues. There are n number of web pages and sites dedicated solely to a specific issue and how to overcome it


2. Opinions... or Facts

The moment we step out, there are opinions and suggestions from n number of people.

“ There is a better way to do this , You need to be more mature , Look at me, I am king of the world “. The list goes on.

But the truth is just the opposite. The majority of the crowd do not know what they are talking about.

Take the case of a person, I met recently. He can lecture for hours, about his knowledge, bravery, will power and whatever to boost his image.He also had a habit of making other inferior around him, and strongly urged me to follow his footsteps.

The deck of cards finally collapsed. There was a tussle in the street and the bravado man got caught up in it. Instead of facing the assailants and protecting others, he was the first to run for cover. All his bravery talks just vaporized into thin air. And here was a person advising me on how to live life.

In short, most of the opinions you get are from such people. They are well……just opinions.

3. Diversity is the spice to life.


Exposing our mind to vivid experiences is the key to relaxation and self acceptance. Moreover an open mind fosters creativity and awakens curiosity.

Meet people from varied backgrounds, learn a new skill, listen to wide range of music, movies and read books both fiction and non fiction.

Also termed as Choice less Awareness, here nothing is inhibited and everything is accepted.


4. Aroma therapy.

Fragrance can provide a wide range of stimulation. It ranges from nostalgic feelings to instant relaxation. Camphor, Oudh, Sandal Wood are commonly used because of their antimicrobial properties as well as for imparting a soothing sensation.

Aroma fumes on passing through olfactory nerves arouses the limbic system of the brain. This is commonly known as the centre for, Emotional feelings and Memory retention. On stimulation to this particular area, there is reduction in anxiety, stress, inducement of relaxation and memory retention.

5. Coffee, Dark Chocolates. Instant Soothing indeed


Coffee containing the stimulant caffeine, which provides instant relaxation to the mind, especially when a panic attack occurs. Same is the case with dark chocolates which triggers the release of Endorphins, commonly known as happy hormones. Take in moderation and there will be no health issues,


6. Music, the spice to life.

Meditative and stimulating for a variety of reasons, classical music helps combat tension and long term stress. It helps relax the confused mind, and promotes creativity in the process. Opt for a melody tune, or lounge music, dim the lights, close your eyes and let the mind wander effortlessly.

7. Change the environment.


Sometimes the environment we are currently on can create stress build up. Maybe it might be an irritating colleague, a not so friendly stranger, heated debate etc.

There are two ways to get out of this situation. One is to confront it head on. This would be a fight situation, and at times will not go well.

The other way, is to walk away. Do not take this as a sign of defeat. It rarely is. You are controlling the outcome of the situation in a more mature way. Moving to a favourable environment, helps to clear your mind and get a better picture of the situation. Instead of reacting you become responsive. Net result. Stress removed. Tension relieved.


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    • jeugenejohn profile image

      jeugenejohn 4 years ago from Kerala

      Music is a very good form of relaxation, Ms. Anderson. I am now experimenting with Indian classical music. Melody rich, it stimulates the creative sector of the mind. Thanks very much, for your apt feedback.

    • denise.w.anderson profile image

      Denise W Anderson 4 years ago from Bismarck, North Dakota

      These are excellent tips for reducing stress and tension. The ones I use the most are music, relaxation, and a change of environment. I have a collection of relaxation music from different genres. I especially like flute, guitar, piano, and harp music. I have a CD player on my headboard, and I turn it on low, shut off the lights, and cover up with a comfy blanket.