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How to Shape Up Without Trying

Updated on May 13, 2010

I'm Eatin Crow!

I'm a bit skeptical by nature, so the hype about a new womens walking shoe that promised a thorough workout by just walking was, shall we say, crap!  Of course, being skeptical does not mean I rule out everything just because it's doubtful to me. 

I kept hearing raves about these womens walking shoes and read many testimonials.  What's the big deal, anyway?  Walking is walking, right?  I mean, if you walk one or two miles a day, several times a week, how much of a difference can a simple shoe make?  I read all the claims about Skechers Shape-Ups and how they are designed to help strengthen your muscles (including your back, abdomen and calves).  For crying out loud!  I've been walking my entire life, spent many dollars on womens walking shoes that were 'supposed' to be the magic bullet, and can't say anything like that ever happened.

But, I've had sandals by this company and loved them, so I decided to go try a pair of these 'wonder' shoes on.  First thought was that they were BIG clunky shoes.  But, they really did feel good.  But, then how many times has a pair of shoes felt great in the store and made you miserable when you got them home?  And, how much did that price tag say these shoes are!  However, the place I got mine said I could give them a try and if I didn't like them they'd refund my money.  So, okay, I'll bite -- ca-ching and there went $100.00! 

Oh boy!  Was I wrong!  The first trek out on my usual one-mile walk stopped me in my tracks.  My leg muscles were screaming for mercy and my butt was on fire!  Definitely, these shoes take some getting used to because they change the way you normally walk.  They have a super soft wedge and you get a rolling sensation (like you're walking in soft sand).  You feel your heel sink into the sand as you take a step, rolling forward as your body weight shifts to the center of the shoe and then pushing off with your toes.  Ladies (and guys, too), this movement is going to get your attention!

If you've already checked out these new womens walking shoes (Skechers Shape-Ups), you already know there are several different style names.  But, actually, there is no real difference in the components other than colors and designs (some lace up, some are leather, etc.).  Another plus is that that they are available in wide and extra wide widths.

These shoes are designed specifically for walking, not running. Use them during your daily activities and you'll find yourself out of breath just from running the vacuum!  Wear them when you do your grocery shopping and you're gonna find yourself walking taller and feel your stomach muscles holding in that gut.  I actually notice that I feel stronger and have a zip in my gait.  What a great feeling!

Chalk up this non-believer as a crow-eating convert! Well, it's been two and one-half weeks since I've been walking with my Skechers Shape-Ups.  Am I toned and taut with new and improved tight buns and shapely legs?  Guess that's expecting a bit too much in just a couple weeks, but there are some definite changes (even if they are subtle)!

First, my butt seems to have more definition! Not that it's as round and perfect as a sixteen year old, but there is definitely a firmer feel to my butt-cheeks! Woo-Hoo!

Second, my legs still scream for mercy while walking my mile and a half everyday, but a change in strength and energy is definitely noticeable. There's been an improvement in my stamina, as I've added a half-mile to my beginning mile trek.

Third, I don't sound like a steam engine within one block anymore!  Breathe deeply, I do, but not the gasping for breath type of breathing.  So, all this tells me that my body is getting stronger.

And, I lost 2 pounds!  Okay, not a gigantic milestone, but hey, I haven't given up my dish of ice cream at 9 o'clock in the evening either!


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    • Cari Jean profile image

      Cari Jean 

      8 years ago from Bismarck, ND

      very ineteresting - I have never heard of these shoes - I would be skeptical too, but it sounds like they really work. Thanks for the info!

    • carolina muscle profile image

      carolina muscle 

      8 years ago from Charlotte, North Carolina

      wow.... who knew those things would really work!?!?!


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