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How to Sleep Better: Causes and Cures for Insomnia

Updated on September 8, 2014

How to Sleep Better: Causes and Cures for Insomnia

Many people suffer difficulties in sleeping, or what is called insomnia. Most of them spend one or two hours in an attempt to appease and bring sleep. Some might lose a whole night trying to sleep. While others suffer continuously for days and nights without success.

This has become what we call “a phenomenon”. Rarely that People in their gatherings do not mention the problems and difficulties of sleeping, and everyone agrees on the idea (the minute sleepiness comes it immediately leaves). It is noteworthy that this problem obviously spreads mostly among young people, which call to question the reasons.

The Problems of Daylight are Tackled at Night:

Perhaps the reason for that is the psychological pressure and the economic and social problems the young person is subjected to during his/her long day, which he/she recalls when trying to rest and sleep.

Many other conditions or reasons are able to lead to sleeplessness, such for example:

1- Circumstances that can cause terrible (daily) hurt, for instance osteoporosis and stress.

2- Situations that make it difficult to take a breath, such as allergies and heart failure

3- An overactive thyroid

4- Stomach diseases, such as heartbreak.

5- Stroke

6- Nap problems, such as uncomfortable legs syndrome.

7- Menopause.

What is the reason for insomnia?

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Here, I will give you ten tips to help you sleep

1- Ensure that your sleeping area is good and comfortable

Make your living space is suitable for sleeping. Do not forget, choice the correct bed. The wrong bed can cause pleuritic chest pain and sleep trouble.

2- Use the mattress just for resting and love. Try to avoid use of the mattress for watching television or mobile or laptop, meals, doing work, or other tasks.

3- Training, but not close to sleeping schedule. be sure to make some physical trainings each day. or Do some soft yoga exercise to rest your brain and the body.

4- Do not drink energy or caffeine before sleeping in the few times before going to bed.

5. Never smoke in bedroom, it's mattress for relax. People who smoke take longer to fall asleep, and they usually have more interrupted nap.

6. Attempt to rest before-going to sleep.

7- Take a warm shower, It's a excellent way to cool off your own body. Don't exaggerate it, however. You simply wish to sit back your body, not exhaust it. Too much time inside warm water and your body is exhausted of energy.

8- listen to calm tunes for ten minutes, Play some gentle, relaxing sounds which will calm down you to relax. There's a lot of cd albums created for this goal.

9- Drink a Warm Milk.

10- See a Doctor.

Insomnia may be a indicator of physical problems, If your doctor pronounces you a "healthy" insomniac, he probably advise some of the methods offered here. Or she could suggest medicines.

What Are the Signs and disorders of Insomnia?
*- thinking a lot time before you fall asleep
*- Do not sleep for a long times.
*- Be alert through the night
*- wake up in the morning, too early

Tow cases

mariam, 20 years old student, says: “I always suffer from insomnia. I do not recall that I ever slept directly after putting my head on the pillow. When I go to sleep all events of the day cross my mind and I review all, loosing hours of the night without closing my eyelids”. She adds, “Most of what I think about is how my future will be after I graduate from the university. Also, if it is possible I will find a job or not. As an outcome of the difficult circumstances we are suffering from.”

Samer yasser, 21 years old, and comments: “The big number of problems is the main reason for the lack of sleep. We, the youth, think too much of the very bad economic and social situation, and of the siege imposed on us. This is directly reflected on us, as we want to secure our future, which does not seem easy at all.

Palestinian youth as model

It is not a secret to anyone how a Palestinian young person lives, which is not similar to any other young person anywhere else, because of the sufferings in the Palestinian areas, in general, from the occupation, closure and siege. This is reflected on the youth’s thinking and way of life, and also it affects their psychological health”, says ayoub omer, 22 years old. He adds, “You may not believe, when I tell you, that I think every night how will my way to university tomorrow be? How will the situation of the checkpoint be? And would I be late on my lecture or would I be on time?

Alaa murad, 22 years, believes that it is normal that young people are affected by what they see and hear of the daily killing, arrest, and siege. Also, it is normal that these difficult conditions are reflected on their education, health and life in general.

"What do psychologists say?"

Regarding these problems, Dr bilal munier- Professor of Psychology, says “Things that causes insomnia to people are many and various. But they could be grouped in one category, the general political situation and its impact on the various economic and social areas”.

He adds: “If we talk about a Palestinian young person, I think that the lack of clarity of vision and the persistent searching for an identity, cause difficulty in sleeping and permanent worry that may cause partial or permanent insomnia. Palestinians have suffered from the lack of security and occupation, but I do not overlook the role of education and upbringing in causing insomnia. These psychological factors have a significant role in the problem”.

Night Alarms

Other reasons may not cross the minds of many people, which could seem small and may not be addressed, e.g. the small parasites and night alarms (mosquitoes). Theses heavy shadow visitor that come to the person at the most difficult moment (the moment before falling asleep) whispering to him/her “wake up and start a new journey of thoughts”. Munier salah, 22 years, says: “When I decide to sleep mosquitoes begins flying around making disturbing noise which forces me to leave my bed searching for a solution to get rid of them or think of solutions to my problems.

We cannot overlook the role of studying and its direct impact in causing insomnia to the students, especially in times of examinations and preparations. It may take all day and a large part of the night studying seriously and following-up, before turning the remaining part of it to review the lessons and worry about what the exam and the grade would be.

Salama rafat, an18 years old student in her final high school examinations. Although she is confident of her answers in the exam she cannot sleep as she begins reviewing the answers at night. She says: “Sometimes I get up from my bed because I remember a certain question, so I rush to the books to make sure of it”.

Dr bilal munier, comments: “Studying causes concern. This concern accompanies the period of exams, assignments and homework, but it ends at the end of this period.”

The era of technology and speed have helped human beings and have created new ways of life, but it has stolen one of God’s big blessings, which is the blessing of resting at night.


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    • Uzochukwu Mike profile image

      Uzochukw Mike 

      4 years ago from Oba

      Nice piece, I love this

    • aviannovice profile image

      Deb Hirt 

      4 years ago from Stillwater, OK

      Yes, rest can sometimes be hard, and all of your options are viable. However, to those who worry incessantly, they must picture a relaxing scene in their minds, one of extreme beauty. This, I find, readily takes me away to peace and tranquility.


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