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How to Solve Wet Underarms and Feel Dry All Day

Updated on August 1, 2012

Sweating is a natural process which helps us in maintaining our body temperature. We sweat not only when we are in a hot and humid climate but also sweat when we are nervous or in tension. Our emotions have direct effect on our sweat gland. It may be surprising to know for many of us that sweating is a part of puberty. When we attain puberty out of all the major changes which happen in our body one important change is that our 3 million sweat glands become more active specially the sweat glands of our armpits, palms, feet and groin. It is therefore a common problem which we all face at one point of time in our lives. When this sweat comes in contact with the bacteria present on our skin it produces an odor which is stronger in some people.

People living in a hot and humid climate experience problem of wet underarms. This is because sweat takes time to evaporate and since the air circulation is very less in underarms the sweat gets accumulated there. This is a minor problem but excessive sweating may cause body odor which is necessary to treat. All of us must be thinking about how to keep my armpits from sweating. I am discussing some home remedies for sweating which are helpful in treating sweaty armpits.

The first step in resolving the problem of over sweating armpits is to wear clothes made from natural fibers like cotton. Underarm shields or dress shield also help in absorbing the excessive sweat of the underarms. Some natural ways to fight with wet underarms are:

1. Camphor – it is known to have astringent properties which will help in relieving the problem of wet underarms. Mix powdered camphor with water and apply it in your underarm

2. Lime Juice or apple cider vinegar – Apply it while retiring to bed and wash it in morning while taking bath.

3. Baking Soda – the main cause of odor is the bacteria present on our skin. Dusting baking soda will kill the bacteria and thus will help in solving the problem of wet underarms.

4. Tomato Juice – Drinking a cup of fresh tomato juice helps in overcoming the problem of excessive sweat.

5. Water – keep your body well hydrated water helps in cooling down your body which means you will sweat less.

6. Aloe Vera – rubbing a small part of aloe vera in the underarms helps in reducing the sweat.

Wet underarms are usually smelly and are very embarrassing for people. Here are certain tips to keep your underarms dry.

1. Waxing your underarms regularly will help in reducing the excessive sweating.

2. Use antiperspirants rather than deodorants. Antiperspirants have ingredients which help in reducing the sweat.

3. Take a healthy and balanced diet and try to keep away from stress as stress exerts your body and sweat glands become more active. Try meditation and yoga to keep your mind and body cool under stress.

4. If you are overweight try to reduce your weight. Overweight and obese people sweat more than normal people.

5. Avoid drinks containing caffeine since it activates the sweat glands


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