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How to Start Using Essential Oils Every Day

Updated on April 25, 2017

Why Use Essential Oils

Something great is starting to happen as we are gaining more knowledge about what we are putting in and around our bodies. People are starting to read the ingredient labels on not only what we are eating, but on the products that we are using on ourselves and in our homes as well. The truth is that once you start paying attention to the common chemicals found in things like personal care items, cleaning supplies, processed foods, and others, the findings are pretty scary.

Luckily, we have a ton of great, natural resources at our disposal that we can use to start replacing these items and getting rid of a lot of the chemicals we are exposing ourselves to. If you have researched essential oils at all, you have probably discovered that there is an essential oil for just about everything. In fact, there isn't any common ailment or bodily issue I have researched that I haven't found a recommended oil for.

You may be asking yourself WHY you would want to replace what you are using now with essential oils. Without getting into a drawn-out science lesson, the most basic answer I can give you is that they actually work. Quality essential oils come from organic, plant-based life forms and are readily available for use by the human body. Not only can they benefit your overall health, they can affect your emotions, quality of life, and improve the toxicity levels of your home and body.

How to Use Essential Oils

A large part of using essential oils is understanding the different ways to put them into your body. There are a ton of different techniques, but the basic three ways to use essential oils are topically, aromatically, and internally.


Most quality oils are safe to use topically (on your skin). Topical use can consist of simply rubbing a drop of oil straight onto your skin or combining the oil with a carrier oil to dilute it's potency. One might want to use an oil or combination of oils topically for a number of reasons including but not limited to aches and pains, internal ailments, skin issues, emotional support, and to aid energy levels.

There is definitely a science to the basics of topical use of the oils. It is up to you to research where to apply the oils, whether to use a carrier oil and what kind, and how much and in what combinations to use the oils. Find something that works for your body and purposes and keep repeating it for best results.


Using essential oils aromatically is a very safe and effective technique. Many oils have a very pleasing aroma which makes them a very pleasant addition to your home while also providing other benefits. There are many different ways to use the oils aromatically. You can purchase an oil diffuser, use a reed diffuser, and add oils to fabrics, cotton balls, etc. and place them around your home. Each oil has its own distinct smell and can benefit your body and the air you breathe in different ways.


There is some controversy over the use of essential oils being taken internally. The best thing to do is to complete your own research and consult a physician if you are debating using the oils internally. Also, you want to make sure that the oils you are ingesting are of high quality and that the labels are marked for consumption. Many people use the oils internally and with great success. Some are great to just drop straight under your tongue, others you can mix with a drink or add to food for extra flavor and benefit.

There are so many ways to beneficially use the oils and there is a ton of information out there on how to do so. A vitally important thing to remember about using the oils is to always use them safely. Pay attention to the quality of the oils you are using. If they aren't recommended for ingestion, question if you should be putting them on your skin. If you are going to take them internally, have you done your research and/or asked your doctor for guidance? We know that there are many benefits of using the oils but make sure that you are utilizing them in safe ways that are going to get you the results you're looking for.

Replace Your Cleaners With Essential Oils


Replacing Other Products With Essential Oils

The most cost-effective and easy way to start using essential oils every day is to replace products that you are already using often. For example, take a look at the ingredients list on your moisturizer, toothpaste, kitchen cleaners, and laundry supplies. I guarantee that there will be some ingredients that you don't like in most, if not all of your current products.

Most store-bought household products can easily be replaced with cheaper, safer homemade products. There are tons of people out there making their own items such as laundry detergent, fabric softener, shampoo and conditioner, moisturizers, cleaning products, bath and shower additives, and so much more. Homemade items such as cleaners can be made even better with the addition of essential oils. For example, my favorite cleaner is a mix of vinegar, water, and lemon essential oil. Not only does the lemon oil smell great, it also has very powerful cleaning properties and is much safer than anything I used to use from the grocery store.

You don't have to replace everything you are using from the store with homemade products if that is not going to fit your lifestyle. There are also many brands available that take pride in using natural products and that are much safer to use. However, I love the fact that essential oils in combination with a handful of safe ingredients are helping me take control of what I am using in my home because I am able to know what is going onto my surfaces, my skin, and into the air in my home.

Ways to Start Using Your Essential Oils

Beginning to use essential oils can be overwhelming. There are so many ways to incorporate their benefits into your daily life. Below is a list of things to try out with your oils:

  • Diffuse calming blends in your bedroom at night to help you sleep.

  • Rub oils that support the immune system on the bottoms of your feet daily in order to stay healthy.

  • Add a few drops of oil to bath salts for a customized bathing bathing experience. You can choose oils depending on the effect you are looking for (relaxing, energizing, deep cleansing).

  • Add a drop of citrus oil, that is verified safe for internal use, to your water for added flavor and detoxing benefits.

  • Use oils with warming properties mixed with a carrier oil or lotion for a soothing massage.

  • Rinse your mouth with gum-supportive oils to help support a healthy mouth. As an extra bonus, they may be added to coconut oil for oil pulling.

  • Diffuse energizing blends in your office to help motivate yourself and other employees throughout the day.

  • Replace over-the-counter pain relievers with oils for headaches, muscle pain, and other discomforts.

  • Combine oils with your shampoo and conditioner. There are many oils that benefit hair growth as well as oils that help greasy or dry hair.

  • Use essential oils with carrier oil for a cuticle massage and to promote nail growth.

  • Diffuse focus oils or apply to the bottoms of your children's feet to help them pay attention during school and in homework sessions.

  • Replace your toxic dryer sheets with wool dryer balls. Add essential oils to them for a fabulous scent.

  • Add acne-killing oils to your facial moisturizer in order to get rid of blemishes.

  • Use soothing oils in a spray bottle with water for an easy, calming aftershave.

  • Add verified safe herbal oils to dishes while cooking.

  • Balance out your mood and support your emotional health by applying oils to your skin and using them aromatically throughout the day.

  • Diffuse oils in your car for a more enjoyable commute.
  • Citrus oils can be added to water and vinegar and are great for cleaning just about anything.

Start Using Your Essential Oils

Chances are you have either already purchased or are thinking about purchasing at least one essential oil that you believe may help you with something in your life. Don't do yourself the disservice of not using your oils, especially if they are sitting in a drawer somewhere in your house. If you don't already own one or a few bottles of oil, then find some that have multiple benefits that you are interested in, purchase them, and start using them. You most certainly do not have to purchase tons of oils in order to start getting benefits. Select a few and then build on your stash as you can. It all depends on what you need for your home, family, and lifestyle.

The best thing you can do for yourself is research the oils and see what they have to offer you. If you have a bottle of lavender oil, go read about how you can use it to sleep better, how it can help your skin, how to incorporate it into your laundry, and the benefits of spraying it onto your pillowcases before bed. If you have a bottle of lemon oil, go research how it will effectively clean most items in your home and save you tons on cleaners, how it helps detoxify the body, and how it can be used to clean the air in your home through diffusing. I have never heard anybody complain that they got too many benefits from using the oils or that they have an oil that they just can't find anything to use it for. Each oil has multiple, fascinating uses that can benefit people in different ways. Once you start learning about the oils and empowering yourself to better your health and your home, you will feel silly that it took you this long to take advantage of the opportunity.


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