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How I Stayed Active and Changed my Diet During my Pregnancy.

Updated on August 10, 2015

Hello my beautiful mommys, now that you’ve received the big news, it’s time to talk about maintaining your health by staying active and eating well during pregnancy. I know how easy it is to get caught up lying in bed catching up with your shows and eating all kinds of snacks that you should probably be putting down right now but from today on, life as you know it will change and so should the way you take care of yourself.

If you are anything like me when I was pregnant, you just don’t have the energy. From the very beginning of my pregnancy, going to the corner store was tiring. I was already having pains in my lower abdomen and hips because baby was carrying low and I slept a lot. Over time as I’ve gotten bigger my energy level was worse. I had to do something. Listening to my doctor, nurses, parents and husband saying I need to be more active in order to prepare myself for labor sounded like a broken record replaying in my head. It scared me being that this is my first baby, on top of that it was frustrating to hear people say how important it is to be active when your body is changing drastically and only you know how you feel and don't let me get started on how I kept being compared to other women's pregnancies and how they worked until their last trimester and bla bla bla. In the end they were right. I needed that energy also to lose the baby weight after giving birth. So I want to share with you what I did to stay active and eat well during pregnancy. I know for sure this can help you get an idea on how you can get started one step at a time.


Every pregnancy is a different journey. I have friends who had no problem with aches, pains and low energy during pregnancy. Some of them still went to work at retail stores, which consist of standing for long periods of time, were always in a good mood and did not need much assistance. Unfortunately I was the complete opposite. Don’t get discouraged if you need more assistance, it’s normal. What you can do is start by walking for at least 10 minutes every day or as many days a week as you can as long as you get started. Over time can you increase the minutes or days you walk depending on how you feel. Wear your comfortable sneakers and take your water bottle. Try to have someone with you.

Prenatal Yoga.

If you have never tried practicing yoga this is the best time. Yoga is not only about meditating but clearing your mind helping you become more focused and one with yourself. Also yoga stretches your body in a way that is necessary for flexibility, relaxation and relieves aches and pains. You don’t need to be an expert just 10 minutes of yoga can make a difference leaving you in a good mood and feels like you gave yourself one hell of a massage. I’m telling you.

Clean/cook with your music up.

I am pretty sure this is not new to most of you so get with the program ladies we’ve all done it. Turn that music up while cleaning or cooking and start dancing. Don’t be ashamed, especially not if you’re alone. This will help you break a sweat. Just be careful not to shake it too hard, have your water bottle handy, have fun and you’ll be alright.

Take your vitamins EVERYDAY.

That means your prenatal vitamins and your iron tablets. Make sure you are taking your vitamins. You are carrying a human being. That’s special and this means you are already a mommy. Folic acid is important for your baby’s developmental needs such as your baby’s brain development, produce red blood cells to prevent anemia and reduce the risk of possible birth defects to say the least. As for the iron tablets speak to your doctor, some women need more iron than others. This depends on your blood levels which will be checked often and your medical history like if you had Anemia in the past then you will need more iron. The iron tablets help maintain red bloods cells that your baby will definitely need to grow. You can also incorporate foods with iron in it as well. A lot of women don’t bother to take it and their babies were fine but why take the risk. It’s better to be safe than sorry. Be on point with your vitamins and keep your doctor in check with all your questions and needs, make them work. They get paid.

Making Healthier Choices.

As for eating, my baby girl would not let me eat chicken. I couldn’t even stand the smell of chicken no matter how it was prepared. Soon after it became steak, pork chops I mean all the good stuff (for me anyway). I was pretty much a vegetarian for about six months into my pregnancy which did help me change my diet for the better. You need to know that Just because you are with child doesn’t mean you can eat everything O.K. I’m sorry but read me out for a second. Do you want the best and only but the best for your baby? Do you want to gain more weight than you should that will be hard to lose after your child is born? Do you want to deal with taking medication for high blood pressure and diabetes? No of course not. Please do what’s best not only for baby but for yourself. If you don’t take care of yourself than who will? Avoid the drama. Don’t get me wrong quench those cravings, I know the struggle but try to incorporate some vegetables in your meals or replacing some of those unhealthy snacks and desserts with some fruits. Here are some ways you can get your nutrition on.

Make a smoothie.

Take a nice trip to the supermarket and pick out some of your favorite fruits, then you get your milk. Whatever milk you drink or you can go with the fat free or 1% milk. All you need is a blender. You can also look up some recipes before you head out. Now if you don’t have a blender I got you. Buy your fa vorite fruits at the supermarket and buy your plain yogurt. Mix it all up and enjoy. Easy right? Especially if you receive WIC. They provide fruits and milk and you can still choose the fruits you like. All you have to do is make the trip to the supermarket. BOOM.

Drink lots of water.

This is very important because you can get dehydrated especially during summer time. You can get dizzy followed by some cramps and this, my friend is not normal for pregnancy unless you are close to labor.

Eat healthier.

Cut back on fried foods and try incorporating beans, vegetables and salad into your meals. Every day when you are cooking or eating out make sure you have at least 2 of these in your meals. Make some changes to the condiments you are using. For example, try using minced garlic instead of garlic salt or onions instead of onion seasoning because you will be adding more salt to your food than you need to. Besides the natural vegetables add more flavor to food than the artificial unhealthy option. Making your own seasoning is not so bad either. I grew up in a Hispanic household and we make something called Sofrito. Sofrito consists of red and green peppers, onion, garlic, cilantro, tomatoes and parsley mixed up in a blender. It’s easy to make, just store it in the fridge until you are ready to use and it last longer than leaving your veggies out. You can also use different oils to cook with. Try using olive oil, or vegetable oil. There are many other oils you can use that are healthy but I haven’t tried them myself and I can only vouch for the choices I gave based on my experience. You will see you’ll get better at eating healthier. Also there are foods you should not be eating while pregnant, make sure your doctor gives you a list of that as well.

Take care of yourselves and your baby’s. I as a new mom am truly happy for all of you on this beautiful journey, congratulations to all of you and I hope everything turns out as you expected and more. If you have any questions or suggestions I would love to see them in your comments below. Later.


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