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How to Tape an Ankle

Updated on March 9, 2016

There’s nothing more frustrating for a runner than twisting an ankle during training. It only takes a split second to step in a divot on turn your ankle, but it will take weeks to heal, which majorly impacts one’s training schedule. This is why many athletes strive to prevent the reoccurring injury by wrapping the ankle with medical tape prior to hitting the pavement. The added support of the tape is often enough to prevent the depilating sports injury. Here is a step-by-step guide to properly wrapping an ankle:


  • Athletic tape (the pharmacist can guide you to the right type).
  • 2 x 2-inch thin pads (like gauze).
  • Quick-drying adhesive spray.
  • Pre-wrap tape (similar to athletic tape, but it’s non-adhesive).


Flex your ankle. This is VERY important. The effectiveness of the tape job depends on this step. Keep your foot flexed at 90 degrees throughout the duration of the taping.

Spray your ankle with the quick-dry adhesive spray. Spray this wherever the tape will be (lower shin, heel, top of foot, but not toes).

Place the pad on your heel and at the crease on the top of your foot where it meets your leg.

Use one piece of long non-adhesive tape to do the initial wrap (starting at your foot arch and wrapping all the way up to your calf). This layer protects your skin and your hair from being ripped off when removing the wrap!

Now, begin the athletic tape wrap by attaching it directly to the primary tape. Start at your shin and gradually make your way down to your foot overlapping the tape slightly. Rip the tape once you’ve reached the end.

To provide the ankle support, stick a long piece of tape on the inside of your leg, down under your heel, and back to the same spot on the outside of your leg—like a stirrup. Repeat this three times, each at a slightly different angle.

Next, create an ankle “holder” by taping from the inside of your ankle around your heel, like a “U” shape.

To complete the taping, use one continuous piece of tape to make three “figure 8s” around your ankle and foot: Bring the tape around your heel, under your arch, and back around your heel. Use a couple pieces of tape to connect the leg portion to the foot portion.

The ankle tape should not add very much bulk to your foot and shouldn’t affect the fit of your shoe.

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