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Leaving Life Problem Behind

Updated on July 19, 2013

Leaving Problems Behind

Discovering if this is a problem or addiction to drama

I do not write this to offend anyone; instead to shine a light on an area that many do not realize; that you may have become addicted to drama.

A drama addict is someone who needs to be in some sort of drama, as well as being able to share their daily drama or someone else’s. Do you start your conversations complaining about one thing or another? Do you use the social networks primarily to post your drama? Perhaps, you post about how stupid people are or how horrible people treat others. You might find some of these post sayings to be cute, and wish to post them. With me being active on one social network, it is a common daily event, to see people moan and groan about their day, or post certain types of sayings, which embrace their negative attitude. There is one area that totally supports my belief; our thoughts create our reality, is when a person will post a couple positive pictures, and then spend the rest of the day posting how this person is stupid, these people are stupid…ect. etc. I am guilty of this myself, which brought me to a big halt. Mine was in the class of politics, which for me justified my behavior. In reality it doesn’t justify any thing. It is not in synch with maintaining a positive mind set.

There will be many areas in one’s life that they might not like, but it is how we process it. What you think has to be your reality. This is easily seen, for those who are always swimming in their drama, are always living it. They might wonder why this or that happens to them, and the answer is simple. You bring to you what you focus on, there is no way out of this. The key though on this is focus. Saying a few affirmations or posting positive sayings is useless, if the majority of your thoughts are focus on how cruel the world is. If you are focusing on lack of anything, more than surplus, you have to take lack. It is your doing, no one else’s.

We might catch ourselves doing this, and decide to make changes. The first change for a drama addict is to not associate with others who are living their own addiction. This is a positive move, yet one thing that is hard for many to do.. If you were addicted to drugs or alcohol, would you continue to hang out with those who are using? We know if a person keeps their same environment, their success of recovering is slim. Breaking the drama addiction is the same. The reactions of others will be the same as well. People will feel slighted by you, when you are not open to listening to their drama or sharing your own. You could very well feel guilty in taking this stand, for many drama addicts live by the false truth that we always have to be there for our friends. This for me has been excoriating, for I too believe a friend stands by you at all times. I know I cringe at my ‘selfishness’ when I see sayings, a true friend is one who always stays by your side. It makes me feel horrible, and that I am an awful person. The reality though is during the beginning stages of breaking an addiction you have to stay away from family and friends who live in drama.

Drama and You

Does drama always follow you around?

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Can a Drama Addict Heal Themselves?

Living with Challenges

How People with Problems Resolve them

Not everyone is a drama addict. There are people who have crises going on in their life, and I have not had to push them away, or avoided them. These are people that I have actually learned a lot from, as they work through their own problems. Some of these people have had horrible things done to them, yet their resolve is different. They do not give up, run around telling everyone how bad they been treated, or believe life is worthless. These people have been my recent mentors. Life happens, and I have learned to deal better with my own crises, because of them. This too is another part of healing an addiction. When you are ready to work on yourself, and not blame the world, doors open and new concepts are shown to you. How you live your life, becomes a daily choice. They have helped me to feel what I am feeling, be it anger or sadness, yet to not distribute it throughout the world. If I speak to one of them about a problem, I am open to listen. This is different than how I use to be, in regards to listening. Listening now is full attention on their words, without trying to justify why I feel this way. Excuses now are not permitted by me, so I cannot blame my family, the death of my husband or even politics, for I know my choice today cannot stem from this. I have the right to choose what I will focus on. If I choose to focus on the negative and spread it throughout my own universe, then I know I am acting as an addict. I will pay for this slip back into drama, as a person will pay for taking a drink, if they are a recovering alcoholic. There is no difference.

How to tell if you are a Drama Addict

How to Tell if you are a Drama Addict

How do you know if you are a drama addict? Some of you who have read this far might wonder if they are. You might be trying hard to convince yourself this does not fit you. Denial is common for addicts. Are you denying? Look back at any given week, and do a check list. This can be accomplished by reviewing all your posts on Face Book, for example. What percentage is complaining about society, family, friends or life in general? How often do you post your own problems? How often do you post my day is good? If the majority of your posts are on the negative you might be a drama addict. If you see a few scattered positive posts throughout each day, you could very well be a drama addict who is fooling themselves. You might be one of those who believe in the Law of Attraction, but can’t make it work for you. Well, all your ‘new age’ concepts are worthless, if you are focus 80% on the negative. You are in denial, plain and simple.

Can you not be addicted to drama, if you are already? Yes, but as with any addiction you have to work hard on it. You will need to separate yourself from those who spew negativity daily. This will be one of the hardest tasks, but remind yourself, they are also addicts. A drug addict cannot recover if they are sitting in a room with others getting high. They can try, and not use, but they will not succeed. You will need to seek out those who have drama, but aren’t addicted to it. Best way to know if they are not addicted is to observe how they handle it. Everyone has problems, but some have better methods for dealing with life. They do not become addicted, or have learned other ways to not respond in their addiction. It is a hard road, and one that demands 100% responsibility on your account. Blame and saying this is how I am will not be permitted any more. If you are a certain way that is working against you, then you are choosing this reason to stay where you are. You are 100 % responsible for this decision. You can remain an addict or not. The choice is yours. The effort is yours. The results in breaking free of your addiction are so much more than staying stuck in the addiction. Your health will get better. Your everyday life will get better. Your attitude will be more of joy and happiness. Your outside world might not change drastically, or it might, but either way, your perception will have changed, leading you into the world of happiness.


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    • Renee Abbott profile image

      Renee Abbott 4 years ago from Arizona

      Thank you SavvyDating. Yes sugar coating and I don't I am glad the hub offered you some insight. I love talking about synchronicity, so thank you posting your question.

    • savvydating profile image

      Yves 4 years ago

      You were not kidding when you said that you don't sugar coat things. :)

      We all need to look at ourselves before we moan about others. That includes me. Also, thanks again for your help with my synchronicity question!!