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How to Treat Brown Teeth.

Updated on May 20, 2017

Discoloration of teeth occurs when the normal colour of teeth, usually white or yellowish whitish, changes to other different colours. Due to the daily intake of food, drinks, medication, smoking and sometimes not brushing and taking care of ones teeth may lead to various causes of discolouration of teeth.

If one regularly takes care of their teeth by brushing and flossing after meals and notices a change in colour, even after observing the necessary hygiene practices then consultation of a dentist is required.

But on the side of heavy tobacco smokers and coffee drinkers who have the condition, the only way not to worsen their situation is reduction of the activity or just quitting.

It is always important to see a dentist after every 6 months for the teeth to be cleaned. Where ones' dental appearance is abnormal, they may seek remedies which will go a long way in the betterment of their condition.

How to Treat Brown Teeth.


Dental Prophylaxis. Activities such as smoking and chewing of tobacco, consumption of certain foods and beverages are treated thoroughly with dental prophylaxis which involves removal of tartar from the teeth that causes plaque build up which when ignored leads to brown teeth. The procedure tends to maintain the overall health of the oral cavity hence one is advised to do it twice in a year while heavy smokers and victims of periodontitis should do it in a span of 3-4 months.

Toothbrushing. Daily tooth brushing after every meal goes a long way in taking care of teeth by making sure that the food particles that remain in between the teeth are removed. This is usually used together with a toothpaste and due to prevention measures going a notch higher, some toothpastes now contain tooth whitening agents. Recently charcoal, which is known for its porosity has been developed into a sort of toothpaste out of charcoal powder because doctors believe in its ability to suck toxins from the body hence can do the same when it comes to extraction of bacteria that cause discoloration from teeth.

Bleaching. This is also known as tooth whitening whereby the bleaching agents used are carbamide and hydrogen peroxide. Power bleaching, which requires a professional to use 15-40% of hydrogen peroxide so as to protect soft tissues of the teeth from side effects of the bleaching agent while the use of home bleaching, which requires 10-22% application of carbamide peroxide solution. But with darker discolorations, one has to use a combination of both the power and home bleaching so as to achieve the best results.

Surgical Care

Discoloured teeth sometimes requires the removal of the dental causing caries which is accompanied by its proper restoration. This treatment is majorly done to people with severity in dental involvement where extractions are done or implants can be fixed too.

Parting Shot.

Treatment of teeth doesn't have to necessarily cause expenses because one can only do the basics of taking care of their teeth by brushing regularly. But in a case where ones teeth has been discoloured,they can seek any of the above remedies in specificity with the need.


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