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How to Use Crystals to Create a Happy, Balanced Home

Updated on April 27, 2017
Crystals can be used to enhance many areas of your home and life.
Crystals can be used to enhance many areas of your home and life. | Source

Throughout their existence humans have lived in many types of homes, from caves to mud huts to the brick buildings so common today.

These houses are built for many reasons including as a refuge from the outside world, protection from poor weather conditions and danger. They provide a safe and personal space where we can relax, take time out for ourselves or enjoy the company of friends and family. Our homes also provide us with many opportunities to express our personality, likes and dislikes, beliefs and tastes through how we decorate and furnish the space. Crystals are a beautiful and highly useful addition to any home, large or small. Crystals and other beneficial stones can be found incorporated into many decorative items that can be placed around the home or can be bought in their natural states and displayed in bowls and other containers or positioned in optimum spots in order to access their powerful healing and other valuable properties.

If you wish to use stones in this way there is a vast choice to suit all tastes and situations. There is no need to spend large amounts of money on items or large specimens as even the smallest roughest crystal possesses the ability to enhance our environment and lives.

Crystals can be used outside your home to protect against unwanted visitors and energies.
Crystals can be used outside your home to protect against unwanted visitors and energies. | Source

Protecting your home with crystals

Although the structure of our homes and buildings generally provide security for us, there may be times when you wish to give these a boost, add extra protective measures or guard against a specific problem or danger. Hematite is an excellent choice of stone for protection. It can be placed near the front or back doors of your house to keep out burglars and other intrusions.

To protect your family and possessions from harm, smoky quartz can be buried at each of the four corners of your property. This can be directly in the ground or in plant pots.

Placing a rose quartz or amethyst crystal next to your phone or computer will aid in defusing confrontational phone calls or emails and make finding an acceptable solution to any issues easier.

Enhancing family relationships using crystals

Today there are many different living environments as well as the traditional arrangement of immediate family living together. In some cases other relatives may live in the same house as a family group or groups of unrelated people may live together in shared houses. This can be a common arrangement among students and young adults, especially as it helps to share the expense of renting a property and paying utility and other bills. Unfortunately sometimes we may not always get on well with the people we live with or there be periods or situations where disagreements are more likely. Crystals can be used to help prevent these disagreements or to lessen the chances of them becoming heated or out of hand if they do occur. They can also be used to soothe any upset and to rebalance the energy of the home afterwards.

A malachite or bloodstone crystal placed in the southwest area of your house will help to ensure happiness and peace in relationships and marriages. These two stones can also be used to help rekindle a relationship.

Banded flourite is a useful stone in ensuring good health and is of benefit to children and the family as a whole. Other examples of crystals that can help in this way are black opal and snowflake obsidian.

Darker coloured opaque crystals are a good choice for when you wish to create an intimate environment. Chose stones in shades of purple, red and black or those that have swirling patterns. Figures and statues are also a good choice for this purpose.

Create a pleasant and harmonious home environment using crystals.
Create a pleasant and harmonious home environment using crystals. | Source

Crystals to use in the living room

This room is often the most used in a house and is likely to be where families, friends and other visitors gather together. As well as all the different people and personalities contributing to the energy of this room there may also be many electrical devices such as televisions, telephones, music systems and satellite TV receivers. The majority of homes now also have wireless Internet transmitters and these as well as the other electronic devices can disrupt the energy in a room and may be responsible for health issues in some individuals. Crystals can be used in their natural or polished forms or made into or as part of other items. These include wind chimes, sun catchers, decorative curtains and polished egg, statues and other forms.

Crystals can be used to help keep a good flow of energy in the room and to also remove any negative or unwanted energies.

If your living room feels cold or dull, crystals in warm colours such as red, brown and yellow can help to bring warmth in. Amber, red jasper, topaz, tigers eye and sunstone can successfully be used in this way. If your room is very hot a lot of time, perhaps due to being south facing you can use blue and green stones such as malachite, sapphire, lapis lazui and emerald to help cool it down.

A family dinner can be great quality time spent together.
A family dinner can be great quality time spent together. | Source

Using crystals to enhance a dining room

Ideally a dining room should have a cosy and harmonious atmosphere as this will aid digestion and promote happy conversation. Rock crystals hung above the dining table can help encourage pleasant conversation and minimise arguments. These can be simply hung on cords from the celling or could be incorporated into a light fitting or chandelier for example. It is important to remember that crystals do not have to large, extravagant or expensive to be effective.

Romantic dinners with a spouse or love interest can be aided by placing green and pink stones on the table or around the room. These colours are associated with the heart chakra so are excellent for all matters connected to the heart and love. Rose quartz is a common choice and is known by many as the stone of unconditional love. Chrysoprase can be used to create a relaxing and harmonious atmosphere whereas aventurine can be used to help give you the strength and courage to break away from an unloving, abusive or otherwise destructive relationship.

If you are feeling confusion or out of your depth due to infatuation or intense feelings for someone, moldavite can help you to think clearer and make the right decisions.

In addition to the dining table being a place to spend time with family, sharing experiences as well as delicious foods, in many homes it is also the place where work and study is done. Crystals can also be used to benefit and boost learning or as an aid to concentration and memory for example. If you are worried you won't be able to remember all of the things you are taught, black onyx will help you to take in and process these large amounts of information. Kunzite is a stone that helps promote a responsible and disciplined attitude towards study and for anyone how is struggling to remain focused rock crystal is an excellent choice.

Useful crystals to keep in the kitchen

To many people the kitchen is thought of as the heart of the home. It should feel welcoming and pleasant so that the food prepared there is full of benefits and nurturing. Green stones symbolise maternal love and help us to take extra care in the kitchen. Watermelon tourmaline is a particularly good choice for the kitchen. It contains both pink and green and helps to create a feeling of unity and balance in the family.

Pink crystals such as rose quartz and rhodochrosite have long been associated with love, nurturing and affection. This makes them a ideal choice for the room where the food for nurturing family members is made.

The kitchen is often considered to be the heart of any home.
The kitchen is often considered to be the heart of any home. | Source

Good choices of crystal for bedrooms

It is thought that a person spends approximately one third of their life sleeping. With this fact in mind it is easy to see why the atmosphere and energy of a bedroom would be very important. The time we spend asleep is important to enable our batteries to recharge and for our subconscious mind to understand and order each day’s events. As well as a place to sleep, bedrooms may also have other purposes such as a study space, a place to spend time with friends or to express the deeper more intimate side of a relationship. If you wish to enhance this use of the bedroom, dark gemstones such as amethyst, carnelian and onyx can help to give a room a sensual energy.

There are many stones that can be used to help you get a restful nights sleep. For example rock crystal can be used to help you to understand your dreams. If you suffer with nightmares place a large smooth piece of moss agate close to your bed. When you awake from any troubling dreams, reach out and touch the stone so that its solid form can reassure you that everything is okay. Hematite is an attractive stone that has many benefits as a healing crystal. It can be used successfully to ensure a deep, healing and refreshing night’s sleep.

Taking time to relax is important to good health and well-being.
Taking time to relax is important to good health and well-being. | Source

Using crystals to enhance the bathroom

Of all the rooms in a house, the bathroom can easily end up being the most neglected and unloved. In day to day life it is easy ud give little thought to this room as generally it is not where large amounts of time are spent. Yet, the bathroom is a place where you can take time out to relax free from the distractions of our busy lives or technology.

Some care does need to be taken when placing stones in the bathroom. There are many that can be damaged by water or wet atmospheres. Crystals such as selenite or calcite will dissolve when placed in water and hematite will rust in time. Some stones including moldavite, malachite and obsidian can break when placed in hot water.

Large smooth stones or wands with a smooth end can be used as massage stones. Chose a stone type that corresponds to your need and gently rub the stone on the problem area. For example you could use amethyst to soothe a headache. Many people keep pumice stones in the bathroom to use to smooth away hard skin and do not realise that this stone also possess healing powers. Pumice stones can absorb negativity and also help you to see a clear way to deal with negative situations in life.

© 2016 Claire


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