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Your Mind is Your Life--How to Use More of it Now

Updated on February 3, 2010

Children know joy!

What happens to ours?
What happens to ours?

Something Wonderful is Happening

We know about brain healing and regeneration; and now, because of something wonderful that is already happening within us, using much more of your mind  easily is also possible. I was a psychotherapist for over thirty years until I discovered a much better way to give people their minds back. As her therapist, I helped Nancy to heal herself of terminal cancer by discovering within her a source of inner knowing in a new mind that guided us to cure her illness and heal my life as well. This new mind is available to all of us to use to be successful, protect ourselves in this crazy new world and to learn how to promote peace within our global family.

We human beings seem to think that our minds have reached the pinnacle of their power and ability? Nothing could be farther from the truth. We are just beginning to grow up, taking charge of our mind, and use more of its awesome power. We are still in grade school as far as knowing what our minds can do. This article will give you specific reasons why we are not using more of our mind and a simple way we can use much more very quickly. It is absolutely critical that we do if we are going to survive and thrive in our strange new world.

WARNING: This method is so simple that there is the probability that you will reject it before checking it out, because we have been programmed to respect complexity and not simplicity. Albert Einstein was the one who said, “If the answer is simple, God is speaking.'

The whole mind is the only tool humankind has ever had to protect us from danger and show us how to live an ever better life. We are at a definite and dangerous crossroads—again. However, we are definitely handicapped now, because we are using only a small part our mind. We have been accidentally programmed over the last two thousand years or more, by the ever increasing influence of science and technology, to use and glorify the thinking brain almost to the exclusion of the creative mind and intuitive mind. The rational, thinking brain can only provide us with answers to problems and situations that we already have the answers to, stored in our memory banks or our libraries. It cannot give us the solutions to new problems we have never experienced before. To provide those, is the genius of our creative and intuitive minds. Albert Einstein said that he never made a discovery with his thinking brain. Albert was a stereo thinker, he used his whole brain, and his creative mind presented him with his amazing discoveries. He said that imagination was much more important than knowledge, precisely because it has the answers to every question that will ever arise. The most dangerous effect of this almost exclusive use of our thinking brain is that it is producing immense amounts of unnecessary thought that is blocking our creative mind from giving us new solutions to our pressing new problems.

There is a simple, science-based technique that can eliminate unnecessary thought and clear the mind to receive the new information that is always streaming to us. Many years ago, Dr. Herbert Benson, a world-famous thoracic surgeon and a professor at the Harvard School of Medicine, discovered what he called the “relaxation response,” a natural part of the human brain that is suppose to automatically keep our mind clear and calm. He developed a technique that elicits that response with almost immediate beneficial results as long as it is done twice a day, every day. I found and used his method with excellent benefits when I was in a state of fear and emotional confusion. I was then able to take his technique to the next level by discovering a way to actually factor back this response into the brain so that it again becomes natural and automatic. When this happens, our brain automatically senses when we are becoming too stressed and automatically initiates the relaxation response, keeping our minds quiet and clear. In the quiet state of mind, we are aware of and can use the many new answers and solutions that our creative and intuitive minds are sending us all the time. (There are many who would say that these are inspirations from God.) What would this be worth? It is certainly worth using a simple technique long enough to get this wonderful result. It's called alpha training, and it's free.

You are now aware of one of the least known and most important discoveries about your mind in the last one hundred years. You also have the way to use it to protect yourself from danger, immensely improve your life, and catapult yourself far beyond any obstacles there may be in your life. Enjoy the simplicity and power.


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