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Procrastination x Success

Updated on May 19, 2013

What means procrastination?

Procrastinating is the simple fact of delaying important activities until the last moment. Who never spent the night before the test to study? Or was desperate with all the paperwork that would have to deliver after lunch and just started working on it hours before?

This is procrastinating. And this is often bad, very bad I would say. What you have to do is to know the reasons for its procratinação and work on it. But before procratinação assess whether this is good or bad for you.

Good Procrastination

  • Procrastinate about fights. You should wait till the last minute to pick up a fight.
  • Leave to decide later whether or not to spend the money you have with superfluous things.
  • Think carefully before buying more clothes or shoes just because they are on sale. Do we really need those shoes? If in doubt do not buy them, go home and think with a cool head.

This type of procrastination will help you save a lot of money.

Bad Procrastination

  • Failure to perform important tasks within the deadline. If you have a week to prepare a paper, or report use ALL the time available to do this. Never put off till the last minute because haste is the enemy of perfection.
  • Wait till the last minute to pay your bills.
  • Procrastinate on buying presents for birthdays.
  • Procrastinate on putting gas. (You can get in trouble in the middle of the street).

Be careful, you can lose many things in life, just because you are too lazy to finish little tasks.

Steps to find out why you procrastinate!

  1. Write on paper 10 things you always procrastinate. Such as creating jobs or reports, bill payments, sending important emails, cleaning the house and other things.
  2. Evaluate each of the following: Why do I always leave it for later? What I feel? Laziness, dislike doing this activity? With respect to reports, is not it why you do not like your job? Or your boss always complains? Write down each of the reasons that cause procrastination.
  3. Choose one item for the week and work on it. Let's think this week you selected the boring reports that are always at the end of the your to do list, and in the end are always fare poorly made.
  4. Put on your calendar the beginning and end of the period you will work in this activity and follow to the letter as soon as the alarm sounds. If you have scheduled 20 minutes, imagine that very soon this boring activity will be finished and you'll find yourself free to do an activity that you enjoy, even if it is only a stroll by the company and have a coffee.
  5. Set the alarm to sound when you arrive at work, so you already know that on that day you will have to perform that activity, and can arrange everything in your workspace, let all the material you will use to perform the activity where you can see them, it works for those days you do not feel in the mood to work on this activity at that exact moment.
  6. Work on this activity for a week, this time is enough for your brain feel more comfortable working with that activity and you will no longer feel the urge to leave it for later.
  7. Next week select another activity and work in the same way, do not forget to keep working hard in the activity over the past week.

Results of procrastination

- Finance: You always pay interest and penalties for paying your bills late. The fact that you procrastinate the payment of your bills will cost much money.

- Employment: You will always be the guy who delivers bad reports, who always arrives late in meetings and that soon will be an unemployed person. Never let procrastination ruin your reputation.

- Relationships: You stop to buy flowers before dinner and can not find where to buy anymore, you say you're almost there, but still at home, you never arrive at the correct time of the meeting. Soon, your friends will stop inviting you and your girlfriend also.

When we analyze about what is good and what is bad when it comes to procrastination, we observe that there are worse things than good things. Do not let your life go down the water just because you do not feel like doing anything. There are many other methods to work and end this vicious cycle that is procrastination.

Think well and goes after what is yet to come!

Stop Procrastinating


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