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How to be Happy Happier Happiest

Updated on December 30, 2017
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A fellow human who loves his planet and beyond, with interests that match and never end. One life. One love. Appreciate everything.

How would you like to be the happy person?
How would you like to be the happy person?

It's All In Your Head

Happiness is all about your own mindset. I come across so many people that believe happiness comes from outside of them-selves. Meaning whether they are happy or not is dependent on outside influences. What a bunch of poppycock. How can someone get into your mind and decide on your frame of mind your mood your happiness unless you allow that to happen. The thing is that so many people have grown up being wired this way that they cannot for the life of them see how it would even be possible for them to be happy just because they want to be happy. It is all about personal mindset.

Those Mysterious Happy People

You probably know someone who always seems to have a smile on their face and life just seems to be handing them roses day after day. It doesn’t matter what happens they always look at life with a positive attitude. You probably think to yourself what the hell is wrong with them or how can it be possible for anyone to day after day be so happy and positive. I told you previously, it is all about your mindset. These happy positive people are the way they are because they train themselves to be this way.

Sure you are thinking that there must be wrong with these happy people because bad things happen in life no matter how you are so surely they are not always this way. The truth is that yes these people hurt, they get sad they get angry they grieve they have all the emotions you and I do. Another truth is that the happy people decide what feelings they will feel and how long they will feel that way. Some feelings are a waste of their time, feelings like anger jealousy and the like. These are wasted emotions. Grieving is a tough one but they don’t bunker down and stay in those mood zones. Happy people get in and out of these feelings ASAP because they know that there is no good in staying there. Happy and grateful is the place to be.

What Does it Take To be Happy?

So how does a person become so happy every day, day after day. It must take a lot of work to become a person that always seems happy. Yes it takes work it takes constant awareness continually refocusing your mindset to be that way. You must start making a conscious effort to rewire how you think and look at yourself and the world. I won’t lie it takes work and it is a gradual process which doesn’t really take long to get the hang of if you understand the concepts below regarding living in the past and worrying about the future. For the next few paragraphs you must think of each process individually.

Stop Feeling Regret By Living In The Past

How many people beat themselves up day after day because of things that happened in the past? How many people frown on them-selves feeling shame on them-selves for something that happened in the past? The answer, is probably all of the people that don’t seem happy day in and day out. I thought about negative things that happened over thirty years ago up until recently that I can never change no matter how much I sit and feel bad over and regret. One day it hit me that I have to just accept what happened try my best to learn something from it and move on. Don’t think of the past anymore, well don’t think about negative things that give you that dreaded feeling of regret. Happy memories are welcome. Once I took myself out of the past every time I started feeling this way something crazy happened. I started feeling a bit better about myself and could tell I was happier in life. You can do the same.

Everyone can be happy

Stop Dealing with Anxiety Because You Keep Worrying About The Future

How many of us sit and stew about what might happen in the future? So many people do this even though they know there is nothing that can be done. You don’t control the future. Some might argue this and to some point they might be correct. You can control some of the future however for the most part you cannot control what happens in the future. Things are constantly changing in this universe. What you think you will do and end up doing can be completely opposite of each other. The main thing to focus on here is that you shouldn’t worry about something that hasn’t happened yet. Something that might not even happen. If something is coming up that causes anxiety and concern maybe there is a different path you can take to avoid that situation. The point here is to not stress over the future. The key to not worrying about the future and regretting the past are found in the next paragraph.

How To Live in the Present, Get in the zone, Meditate and Become That Happy Person.

Here is what you have been waiting for, the secret to happiness (not really a secret). It is so simple yet not such a widely understood concept. Although with the continued growth of self-help books on the market people are learning about this more now than years gone by. To be one of those people that always seem to be happy and content you must train yourself to live in the present. That is it. live and think in the present. You are aware now that you must let go of the past and regret as well as saying good bye to anxiety and worrying about the future. Live in the now. Learning how to be grateful for what your life is at this very moment will help you to focus on the now and become a much more appreciative and happier person. This very moment is the only moment that matters. Appreciate the fact that you woke up this morning, appreciate being able to eat what you want, read what you want, watch what you want, wear what you want. Appreciate the people in your life even the negative ones because they are a good reminder of why you want to change. if you learn how to meditate you will more easily be able to focus on the present. You don’t have to meditate for long periods just five or ten minutes a day is a really good start. When you start drifting off to the past or the future refocus your thoughts to the present. It takes a bit of work and effort to start thinking like this but it really does work. After a while you will notice that you are less stressed and just plain happier. Over time you will start to be like that happy person we talked about earlier.

A Great Book to Help You With Your Journey

When I started writing this article I did not have any thought that I would be recommending a book for you to check out. However things change now don’t they? I personally just finished reading this book a couple of weeks ago and it took me a whole 4 days to read it because of how interesting it was. I treated myself to a stack of books from Amazon for Christmas. The book is called “The Miracle Morning” and the author is Hal Elrod. Hal has an interesting story about his life and death experience that he shares at the beginning of the book. The main idea and focus of this book is how to get you to rethink and focus on your goals and how to be successful at everything you want to be successful at in your life. Hal touches on the subject of this article as well as other areas like the importance of exercise and scribing. Because this book is not solely on living in the present and isn’t excessively long, I feel anyone can benefit from it and will not be overwhelmed. It will help you learn how to live in the present. Treat yourself I know you will not be disappointed.

© 2017 Grant Handford


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  • Luke Holm profile image

    JourneyHolm 12 months ago

    Sitting quietly, doing nothing, the grass grows and Spring arrives on its own. The zen approach to life is simple and gratifying. I really enjoyed reading your article. I think you are spot on that the deepest happiness comes from within. Much love and keep up the good work :)