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How to beat Monday morning blues: Make depressing Monday mornings fun

Updated on October 17, 2012
Is a depressing Monday morning dragging you down and making you feel sleepy?
Is a depressing Monday morning dragging you down and making you feel sleepy? | Source

How to beat Monday morning blues? The answer lies in embracing a seemingly depressing Monday morning and doing the things that make it fun and active. Don't just sit at your desk complaining about the dull, sleepy and boring start of the week, rather look for ways to drive away the Monday morning blues. Everyone has a fix, all you need to do is look for yours and find out ways to be peppy and to keep smiling. Happiness is infectious – Spread the joy.

1) Grab your favorite doughnut on your way to school, college or work

Few things work better to beat Monday morning blues than a nice sugar fix. As you make your way to work, stop by at the local Dunkin' Donuts or Krispy Kreme shop and grab your favorite treat.

Glazed, frosted, custardy, creamy or powdered – Pick a doughnut that tantalizes your taste buds and gears you up for a peppy Monday morning start.

2) Wish your colleagues or classmates Good Morning with a smile

A warm good morning wish can go a long way in starting conversations, exchanging smiles and lightening up the depressing mood on a boring Monday morning. Whether it is your class or your office, plaster a wide grin on your face and greet everyone you meet with a loud voice.

Peppy behavior is infectious and your classmates or colleagues are likely to follow suit in your attempts to wake up everyone from their weekend slumber.

3) Beverages: Never skip your morning fix

Cappuccino, latte, mocha, macchiato, frappe, hot chocolate, espresso, decaf, skinny, fresh juice - Which one of these is your morning generally incomplete without?

Whatever your answer, never skip or miss your daily morning fix, especially on a Monday. You will need every bit of comforting to help you get over the first couple of hours of the day.

4) Shop online: Make an early morning purchase

Drive away the Monday morning blues by indulging in retail therapy. Log on to your favorite e-tailer's website and make a small purchase. You can do this during your commute to work or from anywhere as long as you have access to a smartphone or computer with connectivity.

Discuss your purchase with friends or colleagues and tell them about the deal you got. This conversation about shopping is likely to lead to a lot of cheerful banter – just what you need on a Monday morning.

5) Listen to your uplifting music on your way to work

Good music can do wonders to your mood. If you are feeling down and lazy on a Monday morning, beat the blues by listening to uplifting music that makes you want to jump on the table and dance.

Tune into tracks like PSY – Gangnam Style and bounce your way to work. Keep a dedicated playlist specially for Monday mornings on your iPod.

6) Exchange flirty messages with your girlfriend, boyfriend or partner

Want to spice up your Monday morning? Start flirting with your girlfriend, boyfriend or partner by sending him/her naughty text messages. Your face will light up like the sunshine and you will have a wide ear to ear smile in no time.

By sending flirty texts to your partner, you will brighten up their Monday mornings too. Write a naughty line or two and set your pulses racing for a charged up day.

7) Read an inspirational quote

If reading an inspirational quote to kick start your day sounds boring, do yourself a favor and give it a try. You may be able to relate a quote to the circumstances in your own life and it may turn out to be just the motivation you needed to light up your Monday morning.

Google quotes by inspirational personalities like Steve Jobs and read away to be delighted at their approach towards work and life.

8) Wear a nice perfume

A good perfume can passively work at making people feel better by adding fragrance to the ambiance Whether it is your favorite Eau de toilette, celebrity fragrance or body spray, use it generously on Monday morning to add a pinch of aroma to your seemingly mundane routine.

Women can choose a fragrance that has floral, oriental, aquatic or fruity notes as they tend to give out fresh and summery hints – Just what you need on a dull and depressing morning.

9) Plan a fun evening you can look forward to

Making plans for Monday evening will help you look forward to getting over with the day as soon as you can. Meet your partner on a date, catch a movie after work, see your buddies at the pub or plan any other activity that makes you want to finish work as quickly as you can.

If none of your friends are free to go out with you, ask your colleagues if they want to catch up for a quick round of after office drinks. This way, your entire team will be pepped up to get over with a boring Monday and head out of the office doors as early as they can.

10) Flip through old pictures of your family and friends on your smartphone

Make your depressing Monday morning warm and happy by looking at old pictures of your friends and loved ones on your smartphone, tablet or laptop. Take a coffee break at around 10 am and browse through the pictures as you sip on your hot cuppa.

Flipping through these pictures will bring back happy memories and help you to flush out the Monday morning blues.

11) Dress immaculately: Wear new clothes if you have been shopping

Have you been shopping for new clothes? Then Monday is a good day to debut your new finds. Dress to impress as you walk into college or work on Monday morning so you can feel much better when someone gives you a compliment.

Do everything you can to make sure that your hair is just the way you want it, your clothes are crisp, shoes are spanking clean and you look attractive. Looking immaculate will give you a bounce in your step and make you feel good about yourself.

12) Don't be in a rush to get things done on Monday

Levels of depression on a Monday morning can be spiked if you try to get a lot of things done in a hurry, whether it is work or studies. Be calm and take things slowly as you gradually come out from weekend mode and go into fifth gear.

Stop hurrying and don't overburden yourself mentally with expectations. Wait for the coffee to give you a kick start and ease yourself in to a calm and peaceful start to the week.

13) Don't wake up with a hangover

If you want to unwind on the weekend by partying or having a few drinks, do it on Friday or Saturday night. Allow your body and system to recover by spending your Sunday eating healthy and taking in lots of fluids.

Don't make the mistake of having a big night out on Sunday and waking up with a hangover on Monday. No coffee or orange juice will be able to match up with the torturous cocktail of a headache, uneasiness and Monday morning blues.

14) Finish you weekend chores

Whether you had planned to do something as small as fixing up your closet to something as cumbersome as weeding out the garden, try your best to finish the chores that you had set yourself up for on the weekend.

The burden of procrastination will weigh in heavily and unfinished chores are likely to play on your psyche and add to the already depressing feeling on Monday morning.

15) Sleep well on Sunday night

Waking up on Monday without a good night's sleep can make you super cranky. It would be a pain to start the first day of a week while you are yawning away in an apparent sign of tiredness.

Lack of sleep will contribute to heightening the sad and depressing Monday morning feeling and is best avoided. Go to sleep at a decent time on Sunday to wake up early - fresh and fully recharged for a great week.


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    • tirelesstraveler profile image

      Judy Specht 5 years ago from California

      Dear me, if I greeted my people with a cheery good morning they would have me committed. They want quiet and someone to proofread their homework on Monday mornings. Go figure, college students taking Monday 8am classes.

      Mountain Dew is the real savior of Mondays.

      One of our friends decided his last year his life consisted of Socializing, School work and Sleep. He felt he could only do two so he limited himself to very little sleep. This year he is planning on limiting his social life and getting more sleep.

      Great fun hub.

    • MsDora profile image

      Dora Weithers 5 years ago from The Caribbean

      Just reading through your ideas will help perk up a sleepy head. Numbers 15, 7 and 5 in that order would be my way to go. Thanks for these suggestions.