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How to boast your confidence and self-esteem.

Updated on April 19, 2013

Let's just start off with the fact that the first step of getting over ANYTHING is admitting it.
Admit it to yourself, face it and deal with it, no one is watching you now. No one is judging you. You owe that to yourself.


It takes guts and a lot of courage to admit to a life time problem and working on fixing it. Once you get there, you're already half the way in and here's some of the steps you can try to help you out. More like a guideline not a MUST DO LIST kinda thing. Feel free :))

Here we go!!

  • Knowing your insecurities.

You can't get over something you don't know know can you? You already know you're having insecurity issues, but now is the time to be more specific. Point of the exact problem.

What are you ashamed of?

What do the voices in your head tell you?

When do you feel the most uncomfortable?

Whatever it is, write it down *this tends to give you the feeling of taking it off your chest* Some even burn down the paper afterwards for that slight satisfaction feeling.

  • Talk about it with friends or loved ones.

Now let's be straight in here. Having a low self esteem probably leads to not having love ones, you know, friend-zoned much? So let's stick to friends.
Now that you first admitted to yourself about your insecurities, and then specifying them, it's time to get it all out there.


And no, most likely the problem won't go away magically by just talking about it, yet saying it out loud helps you accept it, therefor starting to deal with it and embracing it. See, you don't have to get rid of it. You just need to be in peace with it. And that won't come by keeping it buried inside of you. So just get it of your chest.

  • Nothing lasts forever.

Keep in mind that NOTHING in this life lasts forever. People can change yet sometimes they just need a push. Unfortunately, sometimes you have to do that push yourself. Just keep your goal clear ahead of you and you'll get there.

  • Knowing yourself better from a different angle.

EVERYONE is good at something. Being good at something that isn't considered cool by the society doesn't change the fact that you ARE GOOD AT IT. Whatever it is, recognize your points of power.

  • Being thankful.

We tend to simply ignore than things we have, and focus on the things we wish for and can't have which builds up an interior feeling of depression that ends up with less faith in ourselves to accomplish dreams or fulfill hopes. Just take 5 min of your time and look around, like really look, spot the things you got and be thankful for it. Little things matter the most.

  • Self-loathing .... NO!

Do not self loath nor feel pity on yourself. Whenever you catch yourself doing that just bang your head onto the nearest wall and snap out of it. Self-loathing can be destructive.

If you think it a lot you'll end up really believing it!!

  • Accept compliments

I personally noticed this about myself. I never, and I mean never, accept a compliment gracefully. I say the weirdest responds ever. Either I go all sarcastic about it, or make fun out of it or simply respond by a compliment back as a pay back or something.

"HAHAHAAA, yea right!"

"Yea yea whatever"

"Not better than you ;)"

"yea I know, I'm awesome .... I can fly too you know, hahaha"

"You're just being sweet :))"

And all sort of responds that all mean one thing ... NOT ACCEPTING THE COMPLIMENT. Cause basically you don't believe you deserve it. Well guess what? a simple friendly "Thank you" works just fine. And by time you'll learn to believe that too about yourself and accept that you earned and deserve such compliment.


  • Smile.

Thee's something called "facial feedback theory" which suggest that facial expressions can affect brain to produce certain emotions. So looking at yourself at the mirror and smiling can actually make you happier and more confident.

Just try it. Nothing to lose. :D

  • Fake it.

Same as the previous, faking stuff can make you really believe in it eventually. So whenever you can, try pretending to be as confident as possible. Even if it's as simple as being confident about winning a game you're good at .... baby steps.

  • Avoid perfectionism.

Seeking perfectionism will ruin you and simply drive you INSANE, just ask my ex. HAHAHAAA. No seriously, avoid perfectionism and everything related to it. nothing more perfect than the harmony of someone's points of power and flaws :))

Finally, I hope this helped. Some points sure did help me personally,

I know this is one hell of a master piece hub, so just go ahead and give it a thumb up, share and comment saying how awesome it is .... I'll probably thank you whenever i'm free :P


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