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How Multi-Vitamins Can Boost Immunity and Treat Leukopenia

Updated on July 22, 2022
Kristen Howe profile image

Kristen Howe had boosted her immunity daily by taking multi-vitamins to treat her Leukopenia for almost a decade.

This is What Leukopenia Looks Like Inside Your Body

What's Leukopenia?

Before my mother died seven years ago, and been sick for a whole year before it, she was diagnosed with having Leukopenia with blood work by an hematologist. At first, we thought it was an re-occurrence of a cancer scare, since she had had lung cancer many years ago.For once a month, she went to the hospital to get vitamin B12 shots in her arm in the cancer wing.

Now fast forward to June 2014, my family doctor told me I had Leukopenia too, when I was there for my physical follow-up that summer. It wasn’t hereditary. It’s the polar opposite of having Leukemia. Leukopenia is defined having a reduction count of white cells in the blood, which are typical of many diseases like Anemia, hemorrhaging, etc. Because, in addition, white cell production had been inhibited, or the blood cell count can dip due to infection. You shouldn’t have less than 3500 white blood cells in every micro-liter.

In June 2014, my white blood cell count hit borderline low. That December, it returned back to normal.

What Causes Leukopenia?

Virus infections lowers the white blood cell count as cells die off from infection, and causes the body to slow bone marrow function. Medical treatments can temporary deplete your body of white blood cells like chemotherapy, antibiotics, diuretics, and radiation therapy. If you’re anemic or experiencing a vitamin deficiency, you might not get enough nutrients it needs to build an adequate supply of healthy white blood cells. It could led to Leukopenia, or your cells to die off prematurely.

Other Causes of Leukopenia

Here’s a list of other diseases that can cause harm to the immune system and the white blood cells, lading to leukopenia: AIDS/HIV, hyperthyroidism, lupus, myelodysplastic syndrome, parasitic diseases, kostmann’s syndrome, leukemia, myelokathexis, or myelofibiosis. Hypersplenisism, a condition that causes the spleen to become overactive, can prematurely destroy white blood cells.

My Box of Centrum Multi-Vitamins From 2014

Symptoms and Treatment

Blood tests ordered by your doctor can find out, if you leukopenia or not. If it’s chronic low blood count (like I had that fall), it could make you vulnerable to infections. Wash your hands regularly and thoroughly, wear a face mask, and avoid anyone with a cold or other illness, are prevention methods.

Mild Leukopenia is often temporary, and will cease as your symptoms lessen. If severe, you would need to seek treatment to prevent a potential life threatening condition from developing.

Anemia is a common symptom, when it indicates the red blood cell count is dipping along with the white blood cells count. Bleeding from the uterus that’s not caused by menstruation is Menorrhagia, another symptom. Other symptoms include frequent headaches or mood swings, fatigue, irritability or hot flashes, inflammation in the mouth as around the cheeks, lips, tongue cheeks, tonsils, etc., and stomach lining inflammation.

Low immunity is what I have due to a change of lifestyle. The loss of my mother had brought on some stress, along with a change of diet of eating healthier foods. And this was before I started going to the gym on October 2014. I experienced cold-like symptoms that year. (For those who read my pi-yo hubs, when I referred to my “cold”, I referred to my Leukopenia condition.) I also had a drop in Vitamin B and B12, since that summer, when I lost 25 pounds in over a year, since I walked Downtown to church and the library. Also I've walked to my local store, and to my gym, five days a week, and attended multiple gym classes, morning and afternoon/evening. I also had fatigue and headaches, too.

Leukopenia is treated by stimulating the bone marrow to product additional white blood cells. Steroids, cytokine, and chemotherapy are also used to stimulate the bone marrow. Multi-vitamins that contain copper and zinc is another treatment to ensure you’re giving enough nutrients to product healthy blood cells.

My Sundown Gummy Multi-vitamins from 2014

Get Your Daily Dose of Vitamins

There’s three ways to get your daily multi-vitamins to boost your immunity: fresh produce, multi-vitamins and B-12 shots. This is your sure bet to prevent leukopenia.

The easiest and cheapest way is to buy produce at your local grocery store or farmer’s market, every time you go to the store. Whether it’s canned, frozen, fresh, or juiced, even in smoothies, you’ll get enough to start everyday. Or you can grow your own vegetables and fruits in your own garden as well. It would save you lots to money and have it, all year-long.

Next up is buying multi-vitamins at your local pharmacy or grocery’s pharmacy. From chewables, gummy, tablets or gel capsules, you’ll have them one a day with your meal and drink, except for Sundown’s vitamins, when you take them twice a day. There’s not too expensive around $10-15, and it’s best to get them, when they’re on sale. Or if you have coupons, you can save some money. If it’s buy one, get one free, it’s a great bargain to stock up on your vitamins for you and your family. There’s ones for adults, children, men and women and even seniors. They range from 60 to 130 count, so it’s best for you to get them when it’s high like 100 and above that would last you, at least, three months. Alive, One a Day, Centrum, Sundown Naturals and Naturemade, even your own store generic brand, are the vitamins to try.

Lastly, there’s the B-12 shots. My mother had to take them once a month at our local hospital. Her health insurance covered the cost. Only your doctor can prescribe it to you. It lasts less than a half-hour best, just to get the shot administered into your body. To pass along the time, bring a book or your Kindle to read. Even if you have to wait in the lobby, if there’s a hold-up, it can last a bit longer, too.

So make sure you get your daily vitamins every day and stay healthy all year-long!

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2016 Kristen Howe


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