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How to bring dry and damaged hair back to life with ceramides

Updated on February 5, 2010

Sofn'free with ceramides

To ladies who would like to bring back to life their dry hair should consider son’free treatment plus with ceramides. Ceramides treatment is a revolutionary for modern lady that want their hair to be ever young as a new born baby. It is a dream to many ladies to keep their hair soft, strong and moisturized all the time.

Hard and shaggy hair is unpleasant and may give bad smell and this is why ladies has to use ceramides to keep their hair pleasant. Ceramides with sofn’free helps to protect your hair against harmful effects from the environment. Sofn’free protects your hair from bad weather including cold, hot weather; ceramides helps rebuild your hair and make it stronger, healthier, manageable, and beautiful.

What ladies should know about sofn’free and ceramides is that it works within your hair shaft and able to prevent and protect your hair from diseases like dry skin, dandruff and help stagnant hair grow healthier

Ceramides and sofn’free has got a reconstructing conditioner with the effect to reduce breaking of hair, which it does by working on the cuticle of the ladies hair. Ceramides conditioning ingredients makes sure that your hair remains moisturized and in good health

Ceramides ensure that your hair has a natural strength, elasticity, also reduce breakages and restoring your hair natural condition. It helps repair damage hair, rebuilding the hair and in the end you’ll have healthy smooth and strong hair


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    • mulberry1 profile image

      Christine Mulberry 8 years ago

      I've always had trouble with dry hair, even as a youngster. Thanks for the info!