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How to Build High Self-Esteem by Destroying Self-Hatred and Overcome Depression

Updated on November 22, 2019
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I have lived closely with person who suffered from General Anxiety Disorder and have helped them to naturally break free.

Building High Self Esteem
Building High Self Esteem

Self hatred and Low self Esteem

One of the major things depression feeds on is someone having low self-esteem about themselves. This low self-esteem can lead to self-hatred and eventually something even worse. Self-hatred is basically the dislike of oneself. This self-hatred can mean that the person hates how they look, they hate how they feel, they hate that they are not accepted by popular crowds, they hate that they lack confidence and personality of people they believe are brave and high achievers. They probably will just hate that they were even born. This self-hatred is also classified by many psychiatrist as people who have low self-esteem. People with low self-esteem most likely will suffer from deep clinical depression. But what can be done about self-hatred and low esteem? How are some ways that you can build confidence in your own self and change your perspective of one that is a negative you to one that is a positive you?

Building a High Self Esteem and Loving Yourself

1. Every Man is Equal

In order for you to break that cycle of low self-esteem, build a high self-esteem and get out of depression you must first reprogram how you view other people. Meaning, you simple can’t believe that people are naturally better than you. Every single man is created equal with different potential. This is where people get it wrong when they tell people that we are all equal and someone then ask, then how come I can’t throw ball or play soccer to become a star. Well, let me tell you that you were not given that potential. Yes, equality but different potentials. Potential is what your equality equates you to do. You were born with organs and all body parts equal to any human being, but your own physical and mental potential will be different. We all vibrate at different frequencies in life and as such must take up different roles according to our own potential. Your potential is just as equal as to anyone’s as potential is different for every human and simple cannot be measured using one simple act.

2.Tap Into your own Talent

Let me tell you this, even though everyone is created equal, meaning that we all have the same potential to excel in what our talents and skills are. It doesn’t matter what the talent or skill is, we all have the same energetic potential. The thing is this, society creates an image in our minds via social media, television and other media of what talent and skills are. They bombarded our minds with rappers, singers, sport stars and actors and there lies all talent and skill. But there are people out there dong far greater things with their minds than just a man on a soccer field kicking a ball into a net. Find what you are good at and continue perfecting that skill. You may not have the knack for cheer leading, football or baseball, but you may be great at preparing a good bowl of mac and cheese or sculpturing marvelous images from ice. Your skill and talent is your god given gem. Don’t push it away because you can’t do what deems popular.

3. Stay Away From People That Bad Mouth You

These people are everywhere, they can be found in schools, classrooms, home, on buses and trains, workplace, the internet and even at home. They will tell you things to bring you down and lower the way your view yourself. But take heed, these are the same people who are suffering deep inside and many are crying out for help. Anyone who has no problem bringing down another person has a mental problem which they are unaware of. Pay no attention to low grade words. Put an earphone over your ears, remove yourself from their presence and then go partake in something positive you like to do, no matter how simple it is. They say sticks and stones will break bones but words will never hurt. Well, that couldn’t be furthest from the truth. Words are very powerful and can sink deep within a person’s subconscious and can do either great good or great bad. Remember, in the beginning was the word, and the word was with God.

4. Speak Love to Your Self

Every time the thoughts of you thinking bad about your own self and sinking into the dark pool of depression, speak love to yourself. Tell yourself good things to keep your head out the pit of self-hatred. Say things like, I am beautiful, I can do it, I have potential, I will make it. I must be happy, I need to smile, I Love me. The more you reinforce a positive you to yourself, the harder it will be for negative thoughts and self-hatred to capture your mind. Remember, what you input is what you get out. That is true for nearly every aspect of life. The more you build the bigger the house you will have. The harder you study the greater the achievement. The more good you put into your own body, the happier that body becomes.

5. Speak To Someone You Trust

Many people have been suffering from depression due to low self-esteem and self-hatred. They keep it bottled up inside like a soda, they get shaken up and when the release comes it gets real messy. This is like a person who have been suffering from depression and simply has gotten to a point where he or she feels like exploding and simply decided to remove themselves from the physical realm. Don’t let your depression control you. Don’t let self-hatred zip lock your mind or your mouth. Speak to someone you trust who can encourage you in a positive way. Even if it means having a whole new physical change of scenario.

6. Practice Becomes Perfect

Not because you are not good at something means you can't become good at it. There are many successful people who have failed in many aspects of their lives. The difference is that they refused to stay failed, they got up, brushed off themselves, practiced for what they wanted and went back better than before. If are seeking a job but you are not good on interviews and gets nervous quite easily, it is best to practice your interview skills. Go online and see how common questions are are asked and plan your responses. Practice for whatever you want to succeed at. This is what makes a huge difference with people who are on top and those at the bottom who give up easily and develop a lackadaisical attitude to life. Practice, practice, practice.

Break Depression, Love Your Self
Break Depression, Love Your Self


The truth about building a high self esteem and destroying self hate is that no one can really do it for you. You have to genuinely want to break this wicked cycle and want to achieve more out of you. You must first start by loving and believing in yourself no matter what others say about you or how many times you fail. Remember that you only really fail when you have stopped trying. Even if you stop at one aspect, begin a new chapter and keep on trying, keep on loving and believing in you and you will see how a positive mind works wonders in aligning the goodness of life into your favor.


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