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How to build muscles faster?

Updated on August 7, 2017

How to build muscles faster?

The foremost thing any bodybuilder or gym-goer has in mind is to build big muscles quickly. But the problem is that most people are unaware of basic things that are necessary to build muscles effectively and quickly. I have seen many people doing crazy things like lifting huge weights, working out 2 times a day and taking numerous food supplements but most of them don’t get the desired results. On the contrary, they end up burning out their body. So, why try hard and fail instead of working smart and win?

In this article, I would like to list out the common mistakes bodybuilders do while undertaking their workout and diet routines and point out the important things that a bodybuilder should follow to obtain optimum results in the minimum possible time.

Change your workout regimen regularly: Often, people stick to the same workout regimen for a long time. As a result, our muscles will not show any qualitative or quantitative development. Your muscle fibres should be stretched and worked out in different ways to ensure its maximum development. For example, if you do the below 5 exercises for biceps under routine A, you must change to routine B after 2 months and then return to routine A after another 2 months

Routine A: Dumbbell curl, Barbell Curl, Preacher curl, Reverse Curl, Cable pull

Routine B: Barbell Curl, Cable pull, Lying Dumbbell curl, Hammer Press, Close grip Pull ups

Change Workout intensity: Instead of sticking to a fixed intensity workout regimen, its better to mix workouts of varying intensity such as Compound sets, supersets and Reverse Pyramids. For guys who want bulkier muscles, its advisable to perform reverse pyramids at least once in every 12 days. Reverse pyramids enable us to lift greater weights in the very first set, while preserving stamina. If you wish to get muscles of higher quality/definition along with mass, Supersets and Compound sets are advisable.

Rest: Your muscles require at least 48 hours to recover. Many people tend to work the same muscles back to back on consecutive days. This will only lead to wear and tear. So you need to control your enthusiasm as too much effort will be counterproductive.

Train only 4 days per week: This is a very important tip if you want to bulk. Training 5 or 6 days per week is suited for guys who want to obtain a lean muscle mass. If you want to build big muscles, training throughout the week will nullify the hard gains. So training 4 days per week is enough. You can allocate one day per week for Cardio or abdomen schedule

However, you can workout two times per day provided you work different muscles. For example, if you workout for chest in the morning, you could work Triceps in the evening. But make sure you don't exhaust yourself. Also, don't workout two major muscles like Chest and Lats or Shoulders and thighs in the same day. The ideal combination is a big muscle combined with a smaller muscle like Shoulder with Biceps or chest with Triceps.

Do your take your supplements properly?

Don’t stick to the same supplement: Often guys stick to a single supplement like creatine or Whey protein. But you must take supplements according to the need. Ideally, it’s best to take a combination of 2-3 supplements. In the initial stage when you need to gain bulk mass quickly, take a weight gainer like Egg protein. After bulking, you need to chisel the muscles to a leaner mass with definition. For this, you should shift to creatine or whey protein or a combination of both.

Further, take the supplements at the right time. Creatine can be taken both pre-workout and post- workout, along with a protein supplement. Whey protein is best taken immediately after workout.

Take your supplement within half-an-hour after workout: Your muscles will crave for protein after workout. Hence they need to be nourished immediately. Ensure to take your supplement within 15-30 minutes after workout as this is the period when your body will absorb the supplements most effectively.

Hydrate yourself adequately: Drink water at regular intervals during workout (but you must take only a small Gulp at a time). Else your muscles will become tired leading to cramps

Divide your meals

This is an age-old but very important advice which most bodybuilders tend to ignore. Eating large meals will lead to incomplete absorption of nutrients by the body. It will also put strain on the digestive system and lead to accumulation of fat in the body. Bodybuilders, especially those who want to shed extra fat must divide their daily 3 time- meals into a 6 time- meals routine. It will ensure optimal nutrition without affecting the metabolism. In case you become hungry between meals, take a glass of fruit juice or a cup of salad. Avoid junk food like aerated drinks and fried foods.

Proper Warmup

Stretch and Warmup: Stretching is necessary to prevent injuries and ensure optimal muscle function. It will also help muscle recovery before the next workout. Mix basic stretching along with warm-ups like pushups, free squat etc. It will kick start your cardio-vascular system before starting workout. Most people tend to stretch before workouts but they seldom do after workout. Stretching after workout is equally important

Muscle building with Jay Cutler courtesy: Youtube

Muscle Gaining with Jay Cutler courtesy: Youtube

Ensure Good sleep

Last but not the least, Good Sleep is the most important thing for a bodybuilder. It heals your muscles, enables them to recover properly and makes them ready for the next day’s workout. Ensure at least 7 hours sleep daily


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