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How to Care for Children in the Corona (Covid-19) Era ?

Updated on July 4, 2020

How to take care of children in the (COVID-19) Corona era?

The whole world is troubled due to the coronavirus epidemic and no exact cure has been found yet. But it is also true that corona is not the last virus, many more deadly viruses will come. It is important that you increase your immunity and strengthen yourself from inside so that you do not fall ill easily. The elderly who are more than 60 years old (their immune system has started to weaken) and children (their immune system is not fully developed), are more susceptible to the disease due to the weak immune system. Parent needs to very careful in cases of children.

The coronavirus has an impact on everyone. There have been many changes in lifestyle & is having a profound effect on children. Mental problems have also increased & Children need special care to avoid any kind of mental problem. Mental development of children from going out & playing is very important, but it is not safe to go out of the house at this time.

Taking care of children by concentrating on few things at this time is important. Not only protecting children from coronavirus is important, but also taking care of their mental and physical development is also a matter of concern.

Let's know how to take care of children in this corona period ....

Schedule study

As it is said home is first school to child. Coronavirus has affected children education adversely. It is important to pay full attention to children's education & scheduling time for children to study and at the same time inspire them to learn new things.

Schedule sleep and wake up time

It is very important to determine the time of sleeping and waking of children. If it's not taken care of, then children may face problems related to sleep. Make up a routine of waking up before the Sun starts to shine and go to sleep after the sun goes down. The best time to sleep & wake up is between 10pm to 4am. Get enough sleep & do not compromise with sleep. It has been observed that people who do not get enough sleep are more prone to diseases.

Create a routine

Children need special attention. Help them to make a routine & inspire them to follow. Routine can consist of activities from waking up in the morning till they go to bed. You can also make the children's to follow school routine. Without a proper routine, parents & children both have to face many problems.

Schedule play and watch TV

It is also necessary for children to play along with studies and watch Television. Playing is very important for the development of mental health. But you have to keep in mind that all these things should be done in a routine. Make a time for children to play and watch Television. Do not allow children to watch Television, or use laptop or phone for long. Overuse can cause damage to the eyes.

Develop good habits

It is said that the habits that are taught to children in childhood, they never forget in life. At this time, children are with you all the time, you should teach them good habits. Teach children to do daily tasks. Such as washing clothes, brushing daily, dressing well and washing hands. Coronavirus can be avoided by keeping cleanliness. Explain to children the importance of cleanliness.

Tell kids we are safe

Many children are afraid of what will happen next. Do not let fear sit inside your children. Tell children that by taking care of certain things we can be completely safe from coronavirus. Educating and making them informed about the pandemic will help them psychologically.

Inspire children to do what they like

Many children are feeling lonely at this time. To overcome this loneliness motivate them to do their favorite work. Children are fond of painting, do not stop them from doing the things they like. Physical activities have stopped due to coronavirus. Physical activities are necessary for the good health of children. Dancing and doing yoga with children at home will help your child to develop a new skill. Get them to do small household tasks, such as cleaning, watering plants, etc. Teach children craft activities. The art of craft making is very beneficial for promoting studies, motor skills and mathematics.

Do not change the medicine time

Many children are regularly given vitamins or other medicines. If you are feeding children any medicine, then the time in which you used to give that medicine earlier, still give it at the same time. Do not change medicine time.

Spend time with children

At this time every member of the family should spend time with the children. Play games like Ludo, Carom with children. Find some time daily for these games too. Children need special care at this time. Children will feel quite good when family members involves in their activities & simultaneously make them mentally & psychologically strong.

Take care of food & Keep them hydrated

Children are often so lost in their games that they do not even care to eat and drink. At this time, take special care of children's eating habits. Do not let children to dehydrate. It is very important to maintain hydration & encouraging children to consume water and fluids during this time. Avoid drinking cold water directly from the refrigerator. Drinking cold water causes the mucus become rough inside the throat. This allows bacteria or viruses inside the body to cause infection. Keep your child weight under control, Overweight affects the entire body resulting in a weak immune system. Make your child gargle with lukewarm water while sleeping at night. The virus or bacteria also reaches the throat through the nose and mouth by staying outside throughout the day.

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