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How to Choose The Most Suitable Cerebral Palsy Lawyer If You Need One

Updated on August 11, 2012

The Cerebral Palsy (CP) cases in Indonesia is getting more complex and larger. Many parents still do not have any idea of what  CP is, specially in Indonesia. Late diagnose about CP could cause the CP more and more worse. In my birthtown Surakarta, there are 299 children with CP in 2002, 265 children in 2003, 239 children in 2004, 118 children in 2005.and many more. The problem is many parents still in doubt whether this case is caused by natural virus or by malpractice. If it caused by malpractice, they do not know how to sue or who will be sued for.

Causes of Cerebral Palsy

About Cerebral Palsy

Cerebral palsy or paralysis of the brain is a non progressive disturbance in the brain, this interference may be caused by the lesion or abnormal development in the brain. CP is not a disease and it will not getting worse. On babies and premature babies, part of the brain that control muscle movement is very vulnerable to injury
CP occurred in 1-2 of 1000 infants, but 10 times more often found in premature infants and is often found in very small infants.

What Caused Cerebral Palsy

CP can be caused by a brain injury that occurred at the time:
- The baby is still in the womb
- The process of labor progress
- New born baby
- Children aged less than 5 years.
Most cases are unknown.

10-15% of cases occur as a result of birth injury and reduced blood flow to the brain before, during and immediately after the baby is born.
Very premature babies are susceptible to CP, possibly due to blood vessel to the brain has not developed a perfect and easy to experience bleeding or because the stream can not be in the amount of oxygen to the brain adequate.

The brain Injury may be caused by a high bilirubin level in the blood (often found in the new born baby), can cause  brain damage and kernikterus.
Diseases of the baby's first year of life (such as encephalitis, meningitis, sepsis, trauma and hard dehydration )
Head injury because of hematom subdural or according to wikipedia is a form of traumatic brain injury in which blood gathers within the inner meningeal layer of the dura (the outer protective covering of the brain).
Injury vein.

The Cerebral Palsy Symptoms

The symptom is usually occur before the child reach the age of 2, and in some hard cases it will occur when the baby is about 3 monts old. The usual symptoms are :
- The IQ is under normal
- Mental backwardness
- Convulsions / epilepsy (particularly on the type spastik)
- Disturbance suck or eat
- Disorder respiratory system.
- Disturbance of motor abilities (eg, achieve something, sit, roll over, crawl, walk)
- Disturbance to speak.
- Disturbances of vision
- Disturbance hearing
- Kontraktur joint
- Limited movement.

CP is divided into 4 groups:

1. Spastic Type (50% of all cases of CP), musculature become stiff and weak.
Stiffness that can occur include:
- Kuadriplegia (both arms and the second leg)
- Diplegia (second leg)
- Hemiplegia (arm and leg on one side the body)
2. Diskinetic Type (Koreoatetoid, 20% of all cases of CP), muscular arm, leg and body spontaneously moves slowly, stretch and uncontrollable, but can also arise movement of coarse and convulse. Tantrum cause the situation worsened, the movement will disappear if the children sleep
3. Ataksic Type, (10% of all cases of CP), consisting of tremor, unsteady steps that separate the second leg away, interference coordination and abnormal movement.
4. Mixed Type (20% of all cases of CP), a combination of 2 types above, which is often found is a combination of types spastik and koreoatetoid.

Acupuncture Cerebral Palsy Miracle Cure Malaysia

How to diagnose the Cerebral Palsy

Most Pediatric will arrange such tests :
#Laboratory examination can be done to rule out other causes: the MRI shows the aberration structure and congenital aberration
# Head CT scan shows the structure of the deviation and deviation connatural
# Check hearing (to determine the status of the hearing)
# Vision inspection (to determine the status of the function of vision)
# Muscle biopsy.

In the examination most pediatric will be found a motor ability development delay.
Infantil reflex (eg, suck and surprised), still could be found although it should have disappeared.
Tremor or muscle stiffness appears clearly, and children tend to fold their arms to the side, moving their knees such as scissors or other abnormal movements.

Common Treatment for Cerebral Palsy
Cerebral Palsy can not be cured and is a deviation that lasts a lifetime. But many things can be done so that children can live by themselves as possible as can be.
These common treatment may help them :
Physic therapy
Wearing eyeglasses
Wearing hearing aid
Special education and school
Anti convulsive drug
Drugs to reduce tremor and rigidity.
Occupational therapy
Surgical orthopedic
Speaking therapy may help the children disability to speak out what is in their mind and help the eating problem.
Treatment (for serious cases).

If there is no hard interference and physical disturbance, many children with CP can grow normally and go to the regular school.
Other children need a wide range of physical therapy, special education, and always need help in the day-to-day activities.
Some cases are caused by the birth injury, it is a malpractice. So, if the parents are really sure that their Cerebral Palsy Child is caused by malpractice could have a law help. The law sued can be very exhausted, so choosing the right attorney to help them through all of these is very important.

How to choose the Right Cerebral Palsy Lawyer

1. The Attorney should have enough background about this case. They have to be represented many cases like this and won. It is not about the money, but if your child is diagnosed Cerebral Palsy and is caused by malpractice you have all your right to seek justice for your child.

2. The Attorney should represent the reputable and legitimate Law Firm.
3. The Attorney should a dependable, trustworthy, and experienced Lawyer with many Cerebral Palsy cases.
4. The Attorney should have a very sensitive and fast reaction to family that really need help.
5. The Law Firm should have a contact person that ready to chat for 24 hours for family who really need help.


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      Thank's thelesley for stopping by and give your nice comment. God Bless You :)

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      Educate the people friend. CP is so heartbreaking. Great hub! Thumbs up!