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How to control your backaches

Updated on April 29, 2010

Aaahh my aching back!

Home remedies to control back pains

How many times have you ever mulled over before bending down to pick up a fallen object? More than 80% people will probably declare an exasperated "yes" to that. Back pains that have been associated with old age and illness are now very much common and prevalent in people of all ages. As alarming as this sound, it is unavoidable however a manageable if the problem is properly addressed and best at an earlier stage.

Usually back pains have been seen to be more common in women as compared to men, the reason maybe poor posture in this case especially when one considers the height of heels in vogue these days. Nearly all back pain consists of muscular contractions maintained reflexively by the brain, which is the control center for muscular activity and movement. Frequently emotional stress, kidney or prostrate problems have also been affirmed to be responsible for back pain.

Regular excercise can relieve pain and help achieve you a straighter posture

Some helpful tips to control that out-of-control back pain

To ease and control back pain the following tips may be efficient:

  • Lie down with a warm compress or a hot water bottle to soothe the aching muscles.
  • Exercise is the best possible remedy for easing back pain since it helps to stretch the body and muscle control helps to improve the posture.
  • Practicing yoga regularly has shown fruitful results in healing back pain. Some beneficial asans are Bhujangasana, Halasana, Shavasana, Shalabhasana and Uttanpadasana. However they must be done under professional guidance.
  • Massaging the back area with therapeutic oils like lavender oil helps to relieve the pain. Garlic oil that can be prepared by frying some garlic cloves in sesame, mustard or olive oil till they are softened and golden brown. Let the oil cool slightly, strain and then apply the oil on the affected muscles of your back. Massage well and relax. Let the oil work upon your aches.
  • Check your mattress for comfort level, if your back feels strained when you lie down its time to buy a new back friendly mattress. The same apply for the work chairs since a lot of time is spent in them.
  • Join a muscle strengthening exercise class like pilates which is greatly beneficial for relieving back pains.
  • Soaking in a hot tub filled with water to which a good amount of rock salt has been added as well as a few drops of essential oils. This hot bath relaxes the muscles as well as the mind of an individual.

In case of chronic back pains, consult your doctor immediately to check for presence of arthritis or any other ailment. It is best if such problems are discovered at an early stage since it makes easier to target the issue and the healing process is short and successful.

Learn some back massaging tips through online videos

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    • bojanglesk8 profile image


      8 years ago

      Good tips.


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