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How to create a Prosperity and Wealth Altar

Updated on August 1, 2013

This hub is complementary to my "How to create your first Crystal Altar for Protection and Abundance " .

On this hub I talk about Empowerement,Creativity,and also how to enhance your Love energy in order to create Abundance and Prosperity .

I am also explaining what an altar is about,the types of Altars and how to .

Elements to start with

Crystal Altar
A crystal bowl or plate
A set of oracle cards (Angels-Fairies)
A green candle
A black candle
The Eye of the Tiger
A green quartz pyramid crystal
Angel statues
Anointing oil
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Crystals and Stones  
The eye of the tiger
Green Pyramid
Gold leaf

How to begin with...

Light a green candle.

Place it on a crystal bowl.

Add the Eye of the Tiger crystal and the Gold leaf.

Angel or Fairy cards?

Add the Angel or Fairy cards on the Altar and choose the card "Abundance" or "Waves of Prosperity".

Positive energy and thoughts

Eventually add your positive energy and thoughts along with your intention or willingness to work for Higher Good.


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