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How to cure Depression by Yourself.

Updated on March 9, 2014
mediation is great way to curb depression.
mediation is great way to curb depression.

Hello and welcome to my very first article here on hub pages. I’ve never written anything before so when I found this site, I decided to give it ago.

First of all, let me tell you that I am currently a depression sufferer. In fact after countless research, I have discovered that I have Extreme Severe Depression, ESD, (AKA clinical depression). Like most people who suffer from depression, we are generally told to seek help and so, that’s what I did. I went to GPs who referred me to psychiatrists, who then referred me to therapists. After spending an awful lot of money on pills, sessions etc, I still had ESD. Nothing changed. It’s like I wasted years seeking counsel and advice on how to beat this dreadful mental illness but all I got was a weaker wallet and a completely bruised mental state of mind.

So recently I wrote a rather sentimental letter to some Psychiatrist I found online. Her website indicated that I can write anything I wish to disclose and she would help. So, I explained to her how my life was beyond repair and detailed every drop of misery to the last letter. Three days later, she sent a reply which said “Thank you for your letter. This matter is too complex for me to discuss online. Sign up for my session for only $350 for the whole package and I will be able to help you.”

“WTF??!!!” I read that sentence over a hundred times. I was filled with wrath, fury and raging anger. How could this idiot do this to me? I spent four hours detailing my every little dirty detail of my life and all you can say to me is “pay $350 for an answer?”

It was then I realised no human being can help me through my plague. My frustrations had to come out but how could I do that without ending up in jail? So day by day I started looking for solutions to my problem. It wasn’t an easy task but I found myself a lot less depressed after I performed some simple basic rituals that are not exactly orthodox. I feel a lot lighter, brighter and yesterday I smiled for the first time in years.

Now don’t expect me to write what you’ll normally see as depression busters. “Eat healthy, exercise, talk to people, take pills etc. Those are not cures. Those are just sprinkles of water shadowing on top of the raging mountain of depression that’s engulfed you.


Most people associate anger as a bad emotion. That’s not entirely true. Anger can be good sometimes if used properly. In the case of depression, anger is one of the best weapons to fight it. Now I know you think I’m crazy, but let me break it down to you and explain why anger is a superb cure for depression.

Anger is a very strong emotion which requires a lot of force to keep it either away or to keep it close by. The trick to using anger is to learn how to control it, just as you control a car when you’re driving it. If you drive recklessly, you’ll kill yourself. If you drive safely, you’ll save yourself. When you’re depressed, your natural instincts is fall back and let all the crap hit you and you fall down and cry, wail and loose energy and the will to live. When you build anger, that anger rises up and gives you the strength to stand up and fight the demon that’s bringing this plague on you. So forget what the doctors, friends and family tell you. Stand up and find something to vent your anger on without injuring anyone or anything in the process. Some examples to quickly build your anger on are:

Watch a realty TV show – For me just the words “realty TV” boils my anger to a hundred degrees. Sit in front of the telly and yell and scream at all the crap shows on TV. Yes let all the bad words come out. You may think this is crazy but believe me you will feel a whole lot lighter. Make sure you keep that anger of realty TV. Once you have that threshold, you will find you have strength you never knew existed. Keep that on the doorpost of your mind. Once you feel you’re dwindling to sadville, rise up and yell again. This prevents you from feeling sorry for yourself.

Don’t hang up on a telemarketer.. Y-E-L-L!! – even if they hang up on you. Keep going. You’ll find that the more you do this, the lighter you will feel every time those annoying marketers call you and besides, word will spread in the telemarketing world and no one will call you again. Yes, that worked for me. It’s been several weeks now since I last yelled at a telemarketer and haven’t got a single call since.

Generally, anger is an emotion that’s frightening. If you vent your anger in public, people are afraid of you and usually ask you to leave. For instance, if the waiter brought you the wrong order, if the bank charged you for something you weren’t aware of, if that bully keeps tormenting you, turn around and yell out. So the same way anger drives people away, use that to drive depression away. Trust me this works. Anger and depression are two things that can’t live together. It’s why men are less likely to be depressed than women because they use the gift of anger to keep depreciation at bay.

Have you suffered from depression?

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What I mean by this is take up an activity that will grind you and test your limits. Running, jogging aerobics and gym exercising is not going to fully combat and drive away depression. You need a nuclear explosion to totally devastate the effect of depression so it never comes back. Sign up for martial arts (especially judo), climb a mountain (not a hill!) that’s at least 1,500 meters. Every country has a major mountain so go climb it. Feel the pain in your muscles, let your body gasp for air, bleed from the scratches and injuries that you will encounter. Hell, if you love heights, take up sky diving. Do something drastic you’ve never done before. When you encounter physical pain, then there’s no room for depression. When your body heals, go again and again and again until you have mastered the ability to contain pain. When you’re in pain, you focus on the cure for your pain and therefore there’s no room for you to be depressed. Forget football, hockey, tennis and all those mediocre sports you’re advised to take up. They’ll drag you down. Take an extreme sport. Let your body be filled with constant euphoria! Trust me on this one. I took up mountain climbing and I do so three times a week. Every time I get to the top, I scream with every breath left in me. When I come back down, I fell a million pounds lighter.


Contrary to popular belief, dancing is not an exercise or a sport. It’s an art. It’s an expression of emotions using your whole physical body as an illustration. What makes dancing a superb depression buster? It’s designed to drive things out, from acne to arthritis, dancing is an art of getting things out of the way. When you dance, you release negativity away from you. You release all the bondage of depression, stress, sickness etc. You will notice that after you dance, you always feel much better about yourself; you feel you’ve achieved something. It’s like you’ve eaten the fruit of peace and joy.

Well that’s it for my very first article. If you’re still reading this then I guess you enjoyed the article, for which I thank you.


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    • LongTimeMother profile image


      5 years ago from Australia

      Fortunately I don't suffer from depression, but if I did I'm sure this hub would help. :)

    • Suzanne Day profile image

      Suzanne Day 

      5 years ago from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

      Some great tips in this hub, I know dancing works - I used to go clubbing and dance 5 hours each Saturday night and it got to be a great exercise ritual because I'd love the music so much I'd push my body further! Thanks for the other hints, voted awesome ;)

    • Aneegma profile imageAUTHOR

      Jasmine S 

      6 years ago from Pennsylvania

      Thank you Brakel, I am far much better now. Appreciate your lovely comment.

      Jodah aww I'm all blushy! I hope to publish another hub soon. Thank you for stopping by and thanks for the vote!

    • Jodah profile image

      John Hansen 

      6 years ago from Queensland Australia

      Hey Aneegma, I can't believe this was your very first article here at HP. You sure have talent as a writer. This was about an important topic but you made it a pleasure to read, and I love the little vein of humour that flows through all your writing. I totally agree that yelling and expressing your anger at things is a way to help relieve your depression, after all bottling things up will just feed the depression. Taking up challenging sports and activities is another good tip. Thanks for telling me that dancing is an I don't feel so bad that I'm no good at

      I can't wait to read more of your hubs, and I'm voting this up and sharing because your writing deserves to be seen and enjoyed by more. Have a Great Depression free day.

    • brakel2 profile image

      Audrey Selig 

      6 years ago from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

      Whatever works is what I have always heard. When I get angry, I throw things from my soft couch to another soft couch. Showing emotion is important I never yell at other people. I am glad you are doing better. Good luck in the future. Your writing is good. Blessings. Audrey


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