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How to define Happiness in your life

Updated on October 11, 2011

Want to be happier? Is life bringing you down? I think through some
reverse thinking and dedicated changes in your life could bring the
results you as an individual are looking for. To start, you must
realize that things in your life aren't making the cut, and begin to
make the necessary changes to make a positive impact. These issues in
your life could include anything, examples including:

-family issues

-job struggles

-marital problems

-eating disorders

-mental disorders

-lack of money


Now that you have found the problems to be resolved, you must register
a plan to be put into action, these including such tasks as planning
your day better, placing your money into investments such as CDs and
low risk stocks, and making sure to keep a proper upkeep with your
doctors visits for starters. These basic notions all can have a
profound difference in your life, and throughout the process can lead
to better health and financial sustainability. There are also
alternative medicines to depression and other ailments that can effect
an individual, these alternate routes including eastern martial arts,
yoga in particular, and herbal remedies such as lemongrass, chamomile
among many others.

Through practicing positive thinking and acting with better sense, you
can lead yourself to a life of controlled comfortability and through
this become an overall happier individual. Don't ever let someone
tell you that as an individual you won't make it in life for whatever
reason, break the mold and push and strive to reach higher ground on a
depressing planet. Please take this all in consideration because you
are a better person, an individual with great intellectual potential,
and why does depression and financial difficulty have to " bring you
down", let yourself free.

Are you Truly Happy?

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    • BakerRambles profile image

      BakerRambles 6 years ago from Baltimore, MD

      Thank you for your comment, it feels good that I can help someone