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How to Improve Tinnitus

Updated on December 21, 2014


Tinnitus is the name used for any noise or sound that is 'heard' in a persons ears and/or head. These sounds can vary from person to person but can include ringing, buzzing or hissing. These sounds can be heard in either one ear or both. Of course how severe these symptons are will vary from person to person. It is also perfectly normal for sufferers of Tinnitus to 'hear' the sounds a lot louder on some days compared to others.

The exact cause of Tinnitus is still yet unknown as there seems to be varied reasons as to why a person suddenly starts hearing noises. However almost everyone will experience very mild Tinnitus at some point in their lives usually after the ears have been exposed to a very loud external noise such as a music concert. This type of Tinnitus should fade away in time but can take up to 6 months to completely go away. However it is precisly because we are all generally exposed to much louder sounds and noises on a daily basis than we used to be that Tinnitus as a condition is on the rise. It is said as many as 1 in 10 people will suffer with long term mild tinnitus. Other factors that can lead to Tinnitus can be other health conditions related to the ear and/or general stress and aniexty.

Unfortunately for me personally, I stupidly failed to look after my ears and listened to my headphones far too loudly for my poor ears to take and I thus developed mild Tinnitus in both ears. I am not actually too aware of the Tinnitus during the day when I am focusing on other external noises but am completely aware of it at night when there is nothing else to focus on. Over a period of time I have both adjusted and actually directly eased the 'sounds' in my ears so thought I would share some of my tips with other sufferers of Tinnitus in the hope that they to would be able to ease their own Tinnitus.

1. Enable yourself to sleep:

Before you can dedicate any time and energy into easing your Tinnitus you must be able to get a decent nights sleep. If your Tinnitus is really bothering you during the day then it is inevitably going to bother you more and be much worse at night when there is no other external noise to focus on and it is complete silence. It is at this time you are most aware of your Tinnitus and therefore more likely to experience stress, anxiety and frustration. Worse still if you cannot sleep because of the Tinnitus you will feel added stress and anxiety and quite possibly directly make your Tinnitus even worse. To get out of this horrid, vicious cycle you must find a way of distracting yourself away from the noises you are hearing in your ears and onto something else. I promise this is not as impossible as it may initially seem.

I invested in a sounds/relaxtion machine which includes various settings one or more of which should suit your taste. The settings include the sounds of ocean waves, rainwater, forest sounds or just ordinary white noise. What is heavenly about this machine is that it is only when I have this on at night that I cannot hear my Tinnitus. This allows me to fully relax and fall into a comfortable, frustration free sleep. It has been a complete life saver and without a shadow of any doubt every sufferer of Tinnitus should have one of these to aid a normal sleep pattern. This is vital to your over all health as well as potentially easing your Tinnitus directly. I especially like the rain water setting on the 'Naturecare' sounds machine which I find soothing in itself Tinnitus aside. The sound quality is excellent and I only have to have it on quietly for about an hour for me to fall asleep. You can however set it up to last all night if required.

5 stars for 'Naturecare' Sounds Machine

2. Take Gingko Extract and B12 Vitmains:

An effective way of easing your Tinnitus is to take Gingko Extract. Gingko Biloba is an herb that has strong antioxidant and circulatory promoting properties. It contains two active compounds, flavonoids and terpenoids, that help protect the nerves and blood vessels. It is perhaps because of these circulatory promoting properties that so many sufferers of Tinnitus swear by the profound difference that is made after consistent use of Gingko Extract over a period of time. I take Gingko Extract in capsule form every other day. I started taking it roughly 4 months ago and combined with the other tips in this article I have noticed improvement in so much that the ringing is a whole lot quieter and less intrusive than it was 2 months ago. I also started taking B12 vitamins at the same time and so the improvement of my Tinnitus could also be in part down to that. Numerous studies have revealed that there is a link between Tinnitus and a deficiency in B12 vitamins. It is also responsible for the proper functioning of nerve tissue and so you can see how a lack of B12 may have caused your Tinnitus or be making your Tinnitus worse. If you don't like the idea of taking too many capsules on a daily basis you could try increasing your food intake that contains B12 such as liver, eggs and fish.

3. Try out certain Yoga positions:

Another brilliant way of easing or maybe even getting rid of your Tinnitus for good is to engage in certain Yoga positions which increase blood flow to the ear, head and neck area. These so called 'miracle' moves are said to release pressure in the ears as well as promoting general calm and relaxation to aid a more general improvement in the health of your ears. What I personally found was that specific postures eased my Tinnitus for a couple of days. I think to notice long term improvement with your Tinnitus you would have to engage in these yoga postures on a weekly basis and encompass it into your life. I have really got into yoga as I like doing it as a form of exericse as well as keeping my Tinnitus at bay. However you don't necessarily have to engage in yoga every day to experience the benefits. See the video below to get an idea of the specific positions required to ease your Tinnitus. Try doing these movements for 15 minutes every other day to get an idea if it works for you.

Take care of your ears:

Although this may seem obvious the most effective way of easing your Tinnitus and making sure your Tinnitus at the very least does not get any worse is to look after your ears proplerly. It is important to drink plently of pure water every day and make sure you have a healthy, balanced diet rich in vitamins. Keep stress to a bare minium as much as is possible. I've noticed the more anxious and stressed i'm feeling the louder my Tinnitus tends to become which in turn makes me feel even more anxious and frustrated. Clean your ears out with a professional earwax cleaner such as the one below on a weekly basis. A lot of people actually experience ringing in their ears purely because of a build up of wax. Also make sure you invest in some cheap ear plugs and carry them around with you just in case your ears end up being overly exposed in a noisy public area. The last thing you want to do is cause any further damage to your ears and make your Tinnitus worse which over exposture will enevitably do.

Extra articles and websites you may find useful: - Tinnitus Association - NHS - Support Services


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    • Adele Jeunette profile image

      Adele Jeunette 3 years ago

      Nicely done. I'll have to try some of these ideas. Have had tinnitus for 20 years. At night, I listen to podcasts (not too loud) at night to get to sleep.