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How to exercise legs and abs while on supplements?

Updated on March 28, 2012

I am a 24-year-old man, height 6 feet, weight 77 kg. Is it right to take some good prescribed supplement to boost up my energy and strut up more power, i.e., in order to carry more weight? Also tell me what kind of exercises should I do for legs and abs, as I haven’t done abs for long, but really have a fetish for those packs and I have never ever done leg exercises earlier so they look quite lanky so what kind of leg and abs exercise would you suggest me to take up from the scratch?

First of all, let me tell you can’t take supplements and get abs at the same time unless you are really skilled in the art of sculpting your body and you devote a good amount of time for it. And yes supplements do give energy because they have concentrated carbs, protein, and sometimes fats too that are present in normal quantities in ordinary foodstuffs. This energy will help you work more and increase the overall output, that is, the more nutrients you take, the more muscle you end up with as long as you exercise else it is useless.

The gym inside Five Star Hotel Surya Continental in New Delhi.
The gym inside Five Star Hotel Surya Continental in New Delhi. | Source

So what I would ask you to do is to take supplements and work out thighs and calves at least once a week and since you also mentioned that you have only 45- to 60-minute time to workout just like I do, I will hand over my present schedule to you with a bit of modifications. Take note whatever I give is only a substitute to otherwise good results of spending much more time on exercise. This will not be as effective as working out more than one hour a day, but if you do this right, the results will pay off much better than careless weightlifting over prolonged periods.

This is how your schedule will be:

Mon- Chest

Tue- Back, biceps

Wed-Triceps, calves


Fri-Chest, biceps

Keep Saturday and Sunday as rest days, so you will allow you body to grow by giving it rest from the sudden strain of exercise. Moreover you will get so bored during the weekend, you cannot wait to hit the gym again and get good results and that is what we always want. A good drive to keep going, patience and drive that is what bodybuilding all about.

As for abs, you can do them before heading to gym. Simple crunches at home will suffice. But beware if you do this, make sure to reduce your carb intake or you are going to make your tummy bigger. If you ask me as long as you are on supplements, it is better not to do abs unless you are doing some aerobic activity or dieting.


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      Rajinder Soni 4 years ago from New Delhi, India

      its my pleasure samdackson

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      samdackson 5 years ago from Colorado

      This hub contains a lot of informative data and news. Thanks for sharing