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I Can't Sleep at Night ! How to Sleep Well without Sleeping Pills

Updated on December 16, 2014

Better Sleep Makes The Day Much Better

How to sleep well? Do you have trouble falling asleep? Here I will try to explain how to sleep well respecting a few simple guidelines. I shall also explain some better positions that will facilitate a sound sleep.

There are no magic formulas to figure out how to sleep well , but it is possible to quantify a number of hours suitable for everyone. Everyone has their own pace; some may take an hour to go to sleep and another to wake up. Never avoid sleep, It’s not healthy. You can opt suitable time for sleeping though. Keep in mind that what matters most is not the amount of sleep, but the quality.

How to improve sleep?

Methods to sleep

Although the same answers are not equally effective for everyone, some are useful for most of the people who feel hard to fall asleep.

  • Before going to sleep try to loosen the stress and tension accumulated during the day. A warm bath before going to bed or reading a book is not too challenging, and can be a good help.
  • Try to go to bed every night at the same time and, more importantly, get up at the same time every morning , even when you have time or desire to stay in bed a little longer.
  • Do not treat yourself with naps during the day, as they may exacerbate the problem.
  • Try to relax mentally, like thinking about the pleasant situations.
  • Simple physical exercises, ​​with constancy can be some real sleep and relaxation techniques to reduce nervous tension, helping to improve quality of the sleep.
  • The number of positions to sleep well illustrated in the next images can certainly help you locate the most suitable position for better sleep.

Sleep and nutrition

Very often, a diet deficient in certain nutrients can cause insomnia . Healthy and balanced diet not only helps you sleep well, but also allows you to stay in top physical shape and have an attractive appearance. And not only that! Following a simple diet (complete with all the nutrients such as proteins, sugars, fats, vitamins, minerals, water), induces sleep, and is useful to prevent certain diseases, such as diabetes, high blood pressure cardiovascular disorders etc.. Do you sleep well after a heavy meal? Well I cannot, so eat a light meal in the evening and also avoid drinking too much which can cause frequent awakenings for urination. Do not eat foods (such as nuts, beans, raw vegetables, etc.) that the causes gas trouble in the stomach. Reduce consumption of fatty foods since they retain longer activity in the digestive tract. It’s always better to avoid them completely.

The positions that facilitate sleep

The picture below shows the 7 positions that you should take before you fall asleep to facilitate a smooth sleep.

Sleep well: the positions that facilitate a good sleep.
Sleep well: the positions that facilitate a good sleep.

The choice of the pillow

Even the choice of the pillow can be very relevant if you suffer from insomnia. To understand the thickness of your pillow, stand against the wall resting on your hips and your back to the wall, the distance between the head and the wall (Area A) will indicate the appropriate height of the pillow.

how to choose the pillow to sleep well
how to choose the pillow to sleep well

The NOT Recommended positions

In the left figure the person is holding his nose and mouth pressed against the pillow or mattress. This position prevents the chest and ribs to make the appropriate movement during breathing.

In the figure to the right, the person’s neck is rotated to the left to be able to breathe better. This position, if maintained long, causes neck pain and back pain that can make it difficult to sleep.

wrong positions to sleep
wrong positions to sleep

And in what position you sleep? Positions

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    • healthcarepro profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago from Somewhere on Earth

      Thank you mazlan for the compliment. I hope this help you get some sleep.

    • greatstuff profile image


      5 years ago from Malaysia

      I travel often and always have problem falling sleep with the pillows that I get from some of the hotels. There are either too soft or too hard.

      You have shared here some very good tips, which I will have to try.


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