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How to fight strep throat without antibiotics

Updated on January 11, 2017

Every year millions of people get infected with strep throat. While the cause of a sore throat can be traced back to a flu virus, strep throat is actually caused by the streptococcal bacteria. Most often but not always do the accompanying symptoms include headache, fever, nausea and pain during swallowing.

If not treated properly and immediately the bacteria has a chance to spread and eventually cause further illness such as rheumatic fever. Rheumatic fever is a serious condition which will weaken your body severely. It takes a lot longer to recover from rheumatic fever than from strep throat. Practicing preventive medicine and paying immediate attention to alarming symptoms are your first step in fighting the foreign invaders that cause such agonizing, weakening and painful symptoms.

The traditional way of combating strep throat is a ten-day regimen of antiobiotic treatment. Usually 24 hours after starting the dosage the infected person is no longer contagious. But what exactly are antibiotics ? Antibiotics are in a sense another foreign invader which is sent into our blood stream to kill the bacteria that has caused the infection. Unfortunately, it doesn’t just kill the strep bacteria but also the good bacteria within our digestive tract. That is why we are told to eat live cultures such as a plain yoghurt or we can supplement this loss with acidophilus and bifidus capsules.

Aloe Vera Juice

Many of us know the aloe vera plant. Its succulent gel is applied onto sunburnt skin giving us instant relief. Not many of us know the long list of medical conditions aloe vera juice has a positive effect on. As a matter of fact, the juices of this ancient plant contains over 200 healing compounds, including vitamins, minerals, enzymes, amino acis, sugar molecules, etc. One of the star ingredient is a sugar molecule known as Acemannan. It is believed that this Acemannan is the power ingredient that plays a big role in fighting infections and inflammations. There is no other plant on the planet that carries such a great amount of Acemannan.

For this remedy to be effective you have to drink a lot of Aloe Vera Juice. For that reason it is important that you get your aloe vera from a reliable source. It shouldn't contain any components of the leaf as this can cause diarrhea, only really the innerleaf sap. Plus, your aloe vera juice needs to be at least 95% pure. Drink one liter of aloe juice, divided into four servings. Repeat this on day two as well. On day three you can reduce the amount to three quarters of a liter. On day four you reduce it to half a liter.

Drink plenty of water in between. Water helps wash out debris and foreign invadors.

In addition to drinking lots of aloe vera juice, eat lots of fruits and vegetables. Avoid meat and anything that contains flour. Avoid sugar and coffee. Consider deep breathing exercises. Most fruits and vegetables are metabolized into alkaline ash. Meat, flour, sugar, coffee are metabolized into acidic ash. Bacteria love acidic ash and they hate alkaline ash. Besides, doing deep breathing exercises offers the cells lots of oxygen. Oxygen is another fighting force against foreign invadors.

Be aware of the following

There is no guarantee that this will work on everybody. The strep bacteria is very aggressive. So listen to your body very carefully. If your symptoms have not improved after 24-36 hours of drinking pure aloe vera juice and following an alkaline-friendly diet, seek the assistance of a medical doctor or Naturopath.


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