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How to find Diabetes Insurance that will Supply the Best Diabetic Testing Supplies

Updated on June 23, 2011

Finding Diabetes Insurance that’s Right for you

When your search for health insurance starts after being diagnosed with diabetics you’ll need to find the basic medical care needed. This can be scary if you don’t know where to look. You may already have complications from diabetes that need specialized medical treatment and even regular health issues can require specialized care if the you are diabetic.

In most countries, diabetics are fortunate to have their basic care covered by the national health plan. Regrettably in the U.S. finding insurance after you have been diagnosed may be difficult, because of frequent limits on coverage of "pre-existing conditions" put in place by insurance companies.

Your typical diabetic insurance plan will cover the cost of your medication and office visits, what you need to look out for are the non-typical costs. You may need diabetic accessories, such as diabetic shoes, custom shoe insoles and prescription skin lotions to help prevent dry, cracked skin. If your insurance will cover these items, you may be entitled for other accessory items such as self massage and exercise equipment, to help alleviate the effects of poor circulation. All of these extra needs can be costly and finding supplemental insurance to cover it will be a great financial relief in managing your diabetes.

If you can’t find coverage for these additional items with your primary insurer, you should look for supplemental insurance with less restrictive coverage, or even a specialty insurance policy written for diabetics

What Diabetic Testing Supplies are Normally Covered?

When you are first diagnosed with diabetes you will learn that your blood must be regularly tested. While this may take away from the confidence in doing regular activities, it’s a necessity. Keeping easy access to diabetic testing supplies help keep you safe and return some normalcy to you life again.

The most common supplies a diabetic should have with them are items like test strips, monitors and lancets. You’ll need these items to be properly informed of your blood sugar level which I’ll talk about soon. Forgetting or mishandling your diabetic testing supplies will not help and will have you needlessly risking yours and others lives. It’s your life so make sure you take great care in handling your test kits.

Back in the day you could only get your diabetic testing supplies from your neighborhood pharmacy. For some people this is still where they feel the most comfortable getting their supplies. Now however, if traveling to your pharmacy isn’t an option, there are countless websites where you can get the items you need, and oftentimes at lower prices.

Exercise caution. It's prudent to go with a brand that has is established and has a good reputation and a proven record in providing medical supplies. You should confirm how long the company has been doing business or had their product been on the market and if they are recommended by your doctor or other medical professionals.

How to Perform your Diabetes Sugar Count

A typical blood sugar count can be figured out by using your diabetic testing kit which includes a lancet, a diabetic meter and test strips. The lancet, usually a spring loaded device will be your only sore point as this is used to draw a sample of blood. This sample is then used to measure your sugar count. The meter will display your result in numbers and you simply have to compare this reading with a provided range of results that determine whether your blood sugar count is low, within normal range or high.

When you first start your treatment for diabetes, your doctor will show you how to correctly do a blood sugar count. This is will help you understand what your readings will be and where you need to be to stay safe.

Since you need a precise reading is vitally important to properly determine your diabetes sugar count, your diabetes testing kit should be taken care. Lancets and glucose meters do have a life span and it's imperative that you know how your testing kit performs. Wear and tear and constant usage over time will affect the way it performs.


The Internet can only do so much, How do I find a Support Group where I live that can teach me to Manage my Diabetes?

Most hospitals offer diabetes support groups and programs. Check your nieghborhood paper, hospital for support group locations and meeting dates. Look for Endocrinologists these physicians (who specialize in diabetes) may also offer separate support groups that are open to all patients. Check your yellow pages for Endocrinologists and give them a shout.


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    • McConnell Group profile imageAUTHOR

      Shawn McCconnell 

      9 years ago from Mississauga, Ontario

      My Brother has type two and I always talk to him about it, I also check to make sure I don't have it, I guess sugar rushes just hit me harder for some other reason : )

    • killrats profile image


      9 years ago from Cape town South Africa

      Every informative, will get my brother in law to have a read. He has Diabetes.


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