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How to find and Work with a Personal Trainer

Updated on January 10, 2013


If you have decided to hire a personal trainer for your fitness needs, where should you start? There are several trainers to pick from but it can be a feat to find the best one for you.

Looking For a Personal Trainer

You need to take time in looking for the best trainer for you. Getting a trainer that is not good is even worse than not having a trainer, especially, when you are put off training. Just like when you are hiring a person to repair your roof or fix your drains, you should pick someone who knows his job. Therefore, don’t go for personal trainers that have flashy websites or who are endorsed by celebrities. More so, do not think that the priciest trainers are the best.

Where Can You Find An Ideal Fitness Trainer?

When someone gives you a personal recommendation, then that is a good start. However, you can’t just presume that since your friend worships Joe Bigpecs, her trainer, and sings all praises for him that he is going to be the best one for you. Each person, who is enrolled in a training program, has different needs and trainers have their own area of expertise. If you like to regain your former body after giving birth or when you have just recovered from a heart attack and you have to take it gradually, a trainer whose specialization is sports training, is not suitable for you. So, get all possible recommendations with a grain of salt.

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Online Websites

The website of a trainer can reveal a lot of things about his style. Search for websites that show photos of real people with their actual results. Anyone can post several pictures of bulky body builders on their website but it doesn’t mean that they are actually real. Search for clients’ testimonials on the websites of different trainers. This way, you can have an idea of what kind of trainer he/she is. Better yet, search listing sites like or They have different reviews coming from their clients. Both the good and bad ones are published.

Your local gym

You can, also, look at your local gym. Even if you are not enrolled, you can sign up for a tryout session. Try to ask around, from people who are training, not the personnel. A majority of gyms have personal trainers but this does not mean that they are the best or the cheapest ones available.


The moment you have 2 to 3 personal trainers that show potential you should, personally, meet them. You need a good working relationship with your trainer. On your first meeting, you can be able to tell this. He/she should cater to your needs, provide some ideas and motivate you.


Try to find out if this trainer has experienced training individuals, who have health issues, which you can relate with like for example back problems, diabetes or post natal workout. Asking a few questions will let you know whether he/she knows his/her job by heart or is just trying to please you.


It is important to meet your trainer in person. Obviously, not all trainers may look healthy and fit since they may not practice all that they preach. However, a friendly smile and of course, a good physique, can say a lot about a trainer. Also, you should check if they are knowledgeable about basic health conditions and the right diet, not just about exercises and workout programs.

Lastly, follow your instincts. If you have good vibrations about a person, chances are, he/she may be the right one for you.


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    • SolveMyMaze profile image

      SolveMyMaze 4 years ago

      Cool hub. I would say that the more experienced the trainer the better. I would always check out multiple gyms before deciding on a trainer from one though. Even though the first one may be the best, you can never be sure about it.

    • Learning in Life profile image

      Megan Sisko 4 years ago from SW Florida

      I've never used a trainer. I know my body and I know how to give it a workout. So, really all I need is someone to yell at me so I get it done! lol