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How to fit back into your bathing suit - What exercises to do to fit back in your swim suit

Updated on February 23, 2011
how to fit back in your bikini
how to fit back in your bikini

Swim Suit season approaches

"Oh my God Ill never fit back into that swimsuit!"

As a male the topic is almost laughable, but as a male who is often around women, I better keep my mouth shut or come up with a positive solution if I know whats good for me!

After a season of lethargy, rich holiday foods and forced hibernation, many among us have put on some pounds. It seems, at least in our heads, that these pounds have all accumulated in the wrong places. The "oh my god" what will I look like in my swimsuit cry is known to all genders.

The truth is, its not really a big deal. First off your self image is probably completely whacked and the issue is being completely overblown. But, Luckily there are some fun exercises that dont require weights or gym memberships that target the traditional "problem areas" for bikini season. These exercises combined with a healthy diet and some light cardio will get you back into that swimsuit in no time at all.

lose weight to get back in your swim suit
lose weight to get back in your swim suit

Sit Up / Curl Down

Targets: Abdominals

Everyone is familiar with the method and usefulness of a simple sit up, forget about all the silly machines and contraptions. Just do a real, back to gym class sit up.

If you have trouble with a traditional sit up, instead of placing your  arms behind your head (crunch style ) extend them straight ahead, this will assist your balance. Dont try to speed through this exercise, slowly raise yourself and gently lay back down, the continued stress on your abs will do wonders.

Leg Extensions

Targets: Lower back and Glutes (butt)

Lie face down with hands at sides, lift your torso  a few inches off the ground, hold, lower back down. Maintaining teh same position, lift your legs a few inches off the ground, hold, release.

Repeat the cycle.

Plank Twist

Targets: Waistline ( obliques)

Sit sideways on hips, legs to the side, one slightly in front of the other. Using your oblique muscles, lift your body off the ground, supporting yourself with one hand. Do 10 repetitions then  switch sides (laying on other hip) targetting your opposite obliques.


Targets: Glutes and Hamstrings

You are probably familiar with the traditional bridge motion. This slight variation is less acrobatic and does not use the arms.

lay on back, arms at sides, feet grounded. Lift your back off the ground using your butt muscles and slowly extend one leg. Hold for a comfortable period, lower your body to the ground and repeat using the other leg.

Pilates variation for love handles

Ballet Lift

Targets: Hips, Glutes and Thighs

This traditional dancers exercise looks easier than it is.

Stand tall, arms at sides, feet together, but pointed as far away from each other as possible. Lift your leg forwards as far as possible, hold, return to original position. Now repeat with the same leg extending to the side. Return to original position. Do each leg 3 times, work up to being able to hold the extended position as long as possible.

He is actually currently working his chest!

Ball Hug

Targets: Chest and Shoulders

This exercise is best done with a beach ball, if you have an exercise ball it may be substituted. If you have no ball options, just replace this exercise with push-ups.

Extend your arms in front of you grasping ball. Squeeze hands towards each other. Feel your pectoral muscles squeezing? Hold as long as comfortable, repeat exercise.

You can actually perform a variation on this exercise with no ball at all. Simply holds your hands in front of you in a prayer type stance...maybe imagine your favorite martial arts movie or meditating monk statue? Now, push your hands against each other as hard as you can move your combined hands up and down to target different portions o chest. It is hard tobelieve but you can really feel this exercise work!

Ball Squeeze with Oblique Twist

Ball Squeeze

Targets: Inner Thighs

This is a fun and simple exercise.

Lay on your back, spread your legs, place ball between legs (any ball will do) now squeeze legs together, feel the burn. repeat.

Wall Sit for that beach bod

Wall Sit

Targets; Abs, Hamstrings

This exercise is killer, it hurts and it works.

A wall sit or wall squat is rather simple. Sit against the wall as if you were in a chair. But there is no chair. hold it as long as you can, scream in pain. Repeat.

This really works the hamstrings and abs, you will be able to tell that it works very quickly.

Painful but powerful.

Yoga: The complete answer

I personally perform the basic asuna "Sun Salutation" before every workout at the gym. This simple stretch actually stretched every muscle in the body.

In the video below the instructor opens with a dramatic variation of the movements, personally I was always taught to lengthen and relax and make the movement last as long as possible while meditating on my the exercise you see performed, I would suggest should take you no less than 5 minutes, 7 would be better.

Sun Salutation variation

After getting that swimsuit body back, you should consider some fashionable bikini options.

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    • Runway profile image

      Runway 7 years ago from New York

      Great hub! I'm going to try these exercises this week. Thanks for the information.

    • betcaro profile image

      betcaro 7 years ago

      As a female who finds the situation not at all laughable (;-)lol), this is a great hub and am bookmarking it -- thanks.

    • Hello, hello, profile image

      Hello, hello, 7 years ago from London, UK

      A great hub with easy to follow exercises. Thank you very much.

    • 2patricias profile image

      2patricias 7 years ago from Sussex by the Sea

      You should do really well with this Hub. It has a good title, catchy photos and you have made the exercises sound fun (yeah, right).