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How to Forget About Night Noises

Updated on April 1, 2013

Is snoring dangerous?

Snoring is a very bad habit that bothers many people and their near and dear. A snoring person sleeps badly bothering others present in the same house or apartment by creating a lot of noise. I would like to give a few tips that can help fight this bad and unhealthy habit.

Snoring disturbs your partner's sleep
Snoring disturbs your partner's sleep

Snoring is risky but can be cured!

There are more men among the snorers than there are women, and there are different reasons why people snore. These are wrong anatomy of the mouth, obesity, alcohol, smoking, fatigue, and aging. Theуsnore is actually more like an illness that can be very dangerous for your health as it provokes heart disease, headaches, bad memory and attention, impotence! So, a snorer does not simply make a lot of noise, he is at risk! Usually, snoring happens when people sleep on their backs and the soft palate drops back in the throat thus blocking the flow of the air. So, the best way to stop snoring is to sleep on the side. However, for those who have the habit to sleep on their back, it is not an easy task as they tend to get back to their favorite position. But there always is a solution that can be found!

Here is a tip. Sew several nuts inside the pajamas, just where the spine is. After that, as soon as you feel like lying on the back, the nuts will prevent you immediately from doing this by giving the feeling of discomfort.

Snoring can be cured
Snoring can be cured

Occasional snoring

Snoring can appear when we have a sore throat and the sticky substance that accumulates in the throat gets in the way of the air that we inhale. If you have a sore throat, snoring can be occasional but never the less very uncomfortable. To cure your sore throat effectively, you can follow this advice. Rinse your throat after the meals but not before meals as the medication that you dissolve in the water needs time to get absorbed and is simply washed down into the stomach by the food and drinks that you eat. Do not try to deeply rinse your throat, just keep the solution at the back of your mouth, that is enough for the medication to get further inside your throat and start curing it. It takes about two hours for the medication to get absorbed completely.

Rinsing your throat is helpful
Rinsing your throat is helpful

A solution to rinse your throat with

There are different kinds of solutions that help fight the sore throat. One is made from sage and hot water. The recipe is simple. Put two to three table spoons of the medical sage in a cup and pour boiling water in. Let the sage brew for half an hour. Then rinse your throat.

In any case, if you snore, you can rinse your throat before going to sleep with sea salt (1 teaspoon dissolved in one glass of warm water). This calms down the mucosa and tonisizes the muscles of the throat.

And here is great news for you. According to the Japanese scientists, rinsing your throat with just warm water every day improves your general health visibly as it makes your immune system stronger!

Take care and sleep tight!

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    • gryphin423 profile image

      gryphin423 5 years ago from Florida

      Thank you for the interesting tips, I'll try some out on my husband ;-)

    • avorodisa profile image

      Anna Sidorova 6 years ago from Russia

      Thank you for the comment!

    • SingSong profile image

      Julia Lee 6 years ago

      Hmmm....sewing nuts into the pajamas. Never would have thought of that. Good article!