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How to get YOU! on a Diet, from the Dr. OZ show

Updated on May 20, 2011

Lossing weight with Dr. OZ

The biggest difference between the You! on a Diet and other diet books is that there is no first week of feeling like you can not continue. The first step is cleaning out your stock of highly processed foods from your pantry and refrigerator. Step 2, go to the grocery store and stocking up on some healthy food options by staying in the produce isle or label reading. You will feel better and better the longer you stick to fresh and wholesome foods. Once you get off of the overly salted and processed foods, it will amaze you how tasty fresh and whole grain choices can be. They will fill you up more and eliminate the guilt you used to feel after eating processed carbohydrates. Dr. Oz's book explains how to get satisfied, by eating well, without being hungry. Your goal should be to remain pleasantly full, not stuffed, throughout the day.

This book also explains the side-effects of that "bad foods", and how they negatively impact your brain chemistry and hormones. Also, the filp side, how the "good foods", positively effect your body. You will learn that most diets you are not eating normal for the rest of your life, therefore it can be hard to keep the weight off, once the diet is "over" . Your body relates a diet with starving, and will be more likely to store fat, once you restart a normal calorie day.

Dr. OZ diet books

Dr. Oz has authored and co-authored many books on diets, and is commented to get you, on a diet if you are over the 24 BMI that is recommend for most people. BMI is still only one measurement, so if you are into weight training you need to ensure that your body fat % is over 20% if you are a man, and over 30% if you are a women to really call yourself heavy.

Most all of his books are common sense with good weight management advice. We all need a little more common sense in are livesĀ :-).

Some of the pros of these books.

  1. It's a lifetime plan, not a quick fix.
  2. The goal is slow but steady weight loss, which is best for long term success.
  3. It's an easy read, and easy to follow plan (not a big time commitment).
  4. Has great research from Dr. Oz and his associates, that is the latest.
  5. Well written, and easy to start, without reading the whole book first.

Some of the Cons of these books.

  1. You still are recommended to exercise.
  2. You can not eat a box of donuts after the first week. :-)
  3. There is not a "fast start" section, so you will not loose more the first week, than the second.

How to get You, on a diet

This book is not just about food, it also discusses exercise, which turn off a lot of people that would like the weight loss without the sweat. Good news, he takes about how to exercise smarter, not longer, or harder. Taking a little thirty minute walk is a great start and will not cause you to bypass this topic in the book.

If nothing else this diet will help you get off of the couch and feel healthier, even if you learn only a few tips. It is a practical guide for keeping the weight off for a life time, not just this month.

The food concepts are so simple, you will laugh at (or kick) yourself for not picking the best nutrition for your body.

Get rid of:

  • saturated fats,
  • white flour,
  • sugar

Add in:

  • Fruits and Vegetables
  • whole grains,
  • non fat (or low fat) dairy

You can expect to lose 1-2 pounds a week until you are under a BMI of 24, then it will be about a half a pound, until you reach your goal. A good goal is a BMI of 22, for most.

Good luck!!


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    • snoopy055 profile image

      snoopy055 7 years ago from Mid West

      Exercising SMARTER not HARDER is a great idea. I like that idea. Any exercise that increases the heart rate is a good exercise. Even a night out dancing can be a helpful exercise for 2.

      Also if everyone would learn the facts about diets before starting a diet they could stay healthier. has some good facts about dieting. Fad Diets can cause long term health issues.