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How do I Get Six Pack Without Extreme Workout? Six Steps To Get Six Pack Abs

Updated on November 21, 2014

A well-defined six pack, as well as better sex appeal, is proof that you are in good physical shape. But to get this going to the gym every day and get down with the crunch will not help alone. There are also some healthy daily habits that can help you to dry your abdominal fat and bring out your turtle. Check out every relevant entry below and find how to get a flat abdomen in record time.

Sleep more

One of the best things you can do for your body is to spend more time in bed. A study done by researchers at Harvard University (USA) on over 68,000 volunteers, it was found that those who slept less than 5 hours a night, weighing almost 2 kg and a half more, and were more likely to be obese, compared to participants who were granted more than 7 hours of sleep. One of the possible explanations is that just one night of inadequate sleep to stimulate the activity of the so-called 'reward center' of the brain, which leads to binge food. To confirm this, another study conducted by researchers at the University of Chicago (USA), found that the 'short sleepers' assumed, on average, 220 more calories a day than those who rested for an adequate number of hours.

Run less on the treadmill

Even if you believe that cardio training is an effective way to lose fat, the longer the distance you cover, the more your skills will improve and you will burn fewer calories.In addition, long distances can take a heavy toll on the physical risks to dampen your enthusiasm.

Lift heavier loads

Not only you will burn more calories during the workout, but it could also increase by about 8% your metabolism during sleep, say researchers at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis (Missouri, United States). So you can burn more calories while you're in bed and recover the energy.

Eat when you feel like it

You've already heard that it is better to throw down fat to make five or six small meals a day. The fundamental reason is that digestion requires energy, and then distribute the calories in snacks during the day, keeps the metabolism and control hunger. But beware, what determines the number of calories you burn during meals is not related to the frequency with which you feed, but rather what you eat. So if you take 2000 calories a day, no matter how many meals do, The amount burned with digestion remain the same.

Get your fill of protein

Whenever you consume a meal that contains protein, you're telling your body that you do not want to burn more calories. The latter, in fact, not only help to control blood sugar and reduce hunger pangs by making you feel more full, but they also burn more calories during digestion, allowing you to stay slim and at the same time to enjoy your favorite dishes. Also stop muscle breakdown and provide the raw materials to build new tissue.

Avoid high calorie snacks

Is more important the amount of calories consumed with every snack, rather than the number of regular meals you consume daily. This supports a search of North Carolina University (USA), according to which the high calorie snacks can lead to recruitment of up to 500 calories over 24 hours, which translates to about a pound of flab. So stay away from the snack machine

Eat healthy. No matter how they are defined abdominal, your will not be able to see if they are hidden by a layer of fat. Avoid eating late night snacks and fast food. Instead eat healthy snacks like fresh fruits and vegetables.

To build muscle, you must choose the right six pack exercises for six pack abs workout. Only doing crunches is not the right method to get six pack abs.

And there is a simple exercise for you

Tighten your stomach muscles as hard as you can, count to 6 and then relax. This is one repetition. Do as many reps as you can.

Home exercises for perfect abs

Here are some videos you can check out for abdominal excersies. There are plenty of them in youtube, all you need is consistency and confidence.

Get Six Pack in 3 Minutes


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    • karthikkash profile image

      Karthik Kashyap 4 years ago from India

      that is wonderful. I will be looking forward to it. I don't get much time to go to the gym or go for a job, so I rely on home workout. It would also be wonderful if you could write a hub on home cardio workout :)

    • akhildev143 profile image

      Akhil Dev 4 years ago from India

      @karthik Thanks for reading and commenting. yeah you are right.. exercises are must.. i m planning to write a hub about abs workouts.. :)

    • karthikkash profile image

      Karthik Kashyap 4 years ago from India

      Really liked this hub. Voted up :)

      On a side note, it is necessary to have a balance between cardio exercises and weights during a workout. One alone won't be sufficient to burn calories.