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How to get rid of Ringworm Naturally in Humans by using Garlic

Updated on January 27, 2014

If you think you have come down with ringworm spots it’s natural to be a bit concerned or frustrated. In some cases doctor prescribed crèmes may not work. I write this as I have personally experienced this and would like to share with you how I got rid of my ringworm spots by using a natural ingredient that you may have at home.

I’m not sure how I contracted my infection of ringworm whether it was from one of my girlfriends two cats or whether it was from an improperly clean machine at the gym but regardless I ending up with these stubborn little spots.

It’s funny that I took the time to document my case with pictures but I figured since I had a little trouble getting rid of them I would share this method as it helped me out greatly.

Using garlic to get rid of ringworm is both natural and affordable.

In my Google searching on how to get rid of this I found that Garlic is a natural antifungal. Garlic also has anti-bacterial properties as well. Basically there are two enzymes that are release when garlic is crushed or shopped that is effective for destroying fungi. They are called Allicin and Ajoene if you want to look into it further. The specific details of how they work didn’t matter as long as it worked. I tried it and found that it did indeed work.

Since you can get a bulb of garlic at the grocery store for less than a dollar this remedy is very affordable. One bulb of garlic will last you a week which is more than enough time to get rid of and start healing your ringworm spots. One clove a day and for less than five bucks you have a two week supply of ringworm killer. Now since the enzymes are release when chopped or crushed it’s best to use a metal garlic crusher. That could be the only big expense if you don’t already have one. None the less it’s a lot cheaper than a small bottle of prescribe crème.

My process of killing ringworm infection spots.

I would do this at night a little after dinner as no one wants to go to work smelling like garlic. Give yourself a few hours as well since you want the garlic to dry and then reapply.

Its best practice to use a q-tip to apply the garlic paste/mixture as to not spread the ringworm to other parts of your body

I would take an unpeeled clove of garlic and crush it into a small dish. Use a Q-tip to wipe the excess into the dish. Also put in the skin of the clove into the dish.

Take the q-tip and rub the oil/garlic mush onto and around the ringworm. Be sure to use pressure as the ringworm feeds on the Keratin in the top layers of your skin. You want to get into the lower layers of your skin.

Make sure to do this to all the infected areas

Allow the area’s to dry and repeat

Within three days my ringworm spots had faded and all but disappeared. Continue this process until they are all gone. Make sure to wash any items like clothing and sheets that come in contact with the infected areas as they made spread the infection.

Now, we all have different bodies, diets and genetics and this may take a long or shorter time for you but hopefully it will be a cheap and natural way to cure your ringworm


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