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How to get rid of inferiority complex

Updated on November 2, 2011

When you feel inferior you are not able to see your full potential as your mind is clouded with misery and depression.But when you feed your mind with positive

A feeling of inadequacy envelops you when you see people who are more successful than you. You withdraw into a shell and think that you cannot compete with these people. This feeling of inferiority complex rings a death knell to your development and freezes you into inactivity. Why should you ever feel inferior as you too might have some special talent like anybody else?

Are you worried about your looks, personality, position in job and your status and glance enviously at people who are more endowed? If you keep comparing yourself with others you will feel a little lesser. It is not the case with you alone. Whoever compares himself with others will definitely feel that they lag behind .You should forgo the habit of comparing yourself with your friends or anyone else.

The perception of beauty differs from person to person. You should not feel inferior if you are not good looking. Your looks are special in a unique way. If you are gifted with large eyes, highlight it and watch your face glow with a new look. This is just an example and you should always look at yourself in a positive way.

Always be well groomed as it boosts your self confidence. If in your bout of inferiority complex you dress inappropriately, it will add up to your dejection and you will be pulled down into an abyss of further inferiority complex. Be poised and look straight into the eyes when you converse with others. You will see reciprocation of good will when you develop your communication skills.

You should know that others are just like yourself, with the same doubts and inhibitions. The successful ones are those who have won over their inhibitions and practiced self confidence so that it becomes a second nature with them.

So practice self confidence and it will be yours for you to face the competitive world with boosted vigor. Self confidence is a magnet which draws success towards you. Never feel you are lesser person, because you are not. Interact with people, because people skill is another door which makes sure of your rise in your journey towards success.

Meditation is another way to do away with inferiority complex. Meditation clarifies your brain and your vision is crystal clear to analyze your problems and overcome them. You will be relaxed and revived after your meditation and it will help you in a positive way to overcome your feeling of inferiority complex.

‘Nobody can make you feel inferior without your consent ‘-Eleanor Roosevelt

Do not feel let down when you see your friends flourishing financially. Is your friend in a high post whereas you are grooved into the mediocrity of a clerical post? Come on, you too can do better. You have the capacity to do better than him. It is just that you have reconciled yourself to the fact that it is impossible for you to fully make use of your potential. Develop you own special skill and watch success knocking at your door.


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      Sarah 2 years ago

      I don’t usually reply to artelcis but I will in this case. Fascinating post. Exactly where did you got all the information from? Anyhow thank you for this wonderful post! My best wishes, Gita.