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How to get up early when you go to sleep late

Updated on February 18, 2010


If you're one of those people who can not sleep less than eight hours a night, but sometimes you need a little sleep for some reason, this article has been made you.

I know how bad it can be. Many times I have a lot to do, I go to sleep very late and I need to wake up early the next day. For a long time I used not to sleep because I knew that would not be easy waking up at that hour.

I won't even get into the the discussion of how bad it is not to have a good night of sleep. However, even three hours sleep is better than no sleep. The techniques that I show here will not guarantee you a good night of sleep, only that you can wake up the next day at a time you want.

Oh, and before you start, this article is no scientific. It's not based on any scientific paper, although I have read several. Whatever is shown here are techniques that I use in my day-to-day. 

Ok, enough stalling, let's go. I will show the list of techniques, then explain one by one separately:

  • Clock far from the bed;
  • Do not sleep in bed;
  • Lights on;
  • No pee;
  • Optimism.

Clock far from the bed

After some time with the same clock alarm, some people end up creating an unconscious habit of turning off the alarm. Very common technique. All you have to do is leave your alarm clock or cell phone, play somewhere you can hear perfectly when playing, but you can't take it from your bed. That requires you to get out of bed to turn it off. At this point, you're awake.

Do not sleep in bed

Basically, you have to sleep in somewhere you usually don't do, or somewhere that is unconfortable to sleep. For a long time I slept here on the floor of my room. It's not comfortable, and the first alarm signal I can wake up. The couch is also a great place, since it is not very common.

Lights On

Be careful, this technique does not bring any financial benefits. If you're used to sleeping with the lights off in the dark, you probably feel very uncomfortable trying to sleep with the lights on. It's easier to raise when the lights are on.

No pee

I do not like this technique, despite being one of the most efficient. It consists on not to go to the bathroom before bedtime. So when the alarm sounds, you will easily wake up (saying some bad words) and go to the bathroom. Just be careful not to go back to bed.


I have no doubt that this is the most important of all others. However, sometimes it does not work by itself. You must believe that you will easily wake up on time. At first glance it seems a bit weak, but is very powerful. I've already gottten up early without alarm clock, only optimism, but as I said, it is difficult (for some).

The top tip is to sleep thinking that will wake up very easily and that night will be very good, even if you only have two hours of sleep.


We emphasize that the combination of these techniques only adds power to them. But be aware, except for optimism, other techniques are made only for an emergency, do not use it on your day-to-day because they, like I said, do not bring any benefit to the health of your sleep and you still can acquire resistance, making them useless.

Some may ask, "Okay, but what is the technique to sleep easily in these cases?"

Well, I have no idea. One of my problems is also go to sleep, however, I do not know any technique. Perhaps in some future I can discover and share. Even more, why not post an article more scientific about it?

Until next time. =D


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    • rebu profile image

      rebu 7 years ago from Coorg,India

      Thnks for sharing:))

    • profile image

      emointel22 8 years ago

      Also not a scientist but I read that if you want to get a quality chunk of sleep and wake up easily you should try to sleep in 90 minute increments-90 minutes, 180 minutes, etc. because your body has a natural rhythm and you are likely at a lighter stage of sleep at the end of those intervals and will be more likely to feel rested/easier to wake up. It has worked for me when I needed just a short refresh.