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How to improve my mind power for better memory?

Updated on December 31, 2014

Improve mind power and improve memory

Memory is a fascinating things human beings are proud of and memory is simply remembering past things. The volume of memory is varies from person to person. There are many kind of memories like short term memory, long term memory, quick memory, photostat memory etc.

The power of mind means the capacity of mind and there are various ways one can improve this capacity. Regular physical exercise is a simple and best method to improve the mind power. YES. When you exercise your body, you exercise your brain and the ultimate result is improvement in mind power.

Brain is the utmost important part of human body. Memory is related with cerebral amygdala of human brain. The left part of human body is controlled by right cerebral hemisphere and the right part is left cerebral hemisphere. There are billions of neurons in brain and each neuron is related with transmission of impulse.

Brain itself uses around twenty percentage of human energy and it shows the activeness of this wonderful organ.

Make fully use of brain

A study showed that most of the people uses less than 10 percentage of their brain. Which part of the brain people usually make use of? The majority of the people make use of right side of the brain.

Can I measure the power of my mind? The answer is no. Mind power cannot be measured using a scale or something, but we can definitely improve the power of mind using various techniques. The one technique is to make use of breathing and in simply we can say it meditation.

Meditation can do wonder with your brain and definitely improve the power of mind. Just try to concentrate on something you like and continue the process for some time Just relax and this process is simply meditation. Yes. You have learn the art of meditation.

Mind power through meditation


Memory is mind power

Your memory is closely related with mind power and you are actually enhancing the power of your mind when improving your memory. So the basic thing is to enhance the memory power through various memory power techniques. The great thing about human brain is that it can be taught new things at any age. An old man of 80 years can learn how to operate computer and how to play chess. It shows the viability of human brain.

Are you really satisfied with your memory and you really remember all usual things? If the question is yes, you still can improve using mind power tools. If the answer is no, you can show wonders by adapting the intellectual techniques of mind.

Memory question

Are you satisfied with your memory power?

See results

Brain is wonderful


Different ways to improve your mind power

1. Mind mapping

Mind mapping is the most important technique one should learn to improve the power of your mind. It is the most powerful technique children can make use for study purpose. Mind mapping is simply taking notes using brain. Studies reveals that traditional noting system use only the left part of the brain. Mind mapping explore both sides of the brain and it is very easy to remember things.

The basic idea is to connect things using different shapes, arrows, and pictures. There must be a key word that need to be write in the middle of the paper. You can develop from their using various shapes. It is easy to learn and you will never struggle to remember it later.

You can make use of three dimension shapes, geometric shapes, your own pictures, cross, arrows etc for creating mind mapping. Wise use of capital letters can create wonderful effects in mind mapping. You can also create graphs and add different colors in your mind mapping and make it more effective.

Mind mapping


2. Read faster to learn more

What time you usually take to finish a paragraph of your book? Just take it down in a notebook and try to improve it intentionally. Speed reading is a wonderful mind power technique that will enhance your memory power.

There are many tips that improve the speed of reading. The main point is to avoid lip movement when reading. It will kill your speed. Just use your eyes for reading. You can see the difference and try it now.

Try to make use of your index finger or a pen to read faster. This will help a lot and practice daily to improve and you can show wonders while reading.

How beautiful it would be if you are able to finish a 50 page novel within half an hour? It is possible and the point is to avoid read word by word. Try to take sentences as a whole part and you can definitely improve the speed of reading.

The power of the subconscious mind

3. Make use of non dominant hand

Majority of the people are right handed and they usually do things using right hand. What if a daily routing do using left hand? Try it and it will tease your brain. For example if you are writing with right hand, try your left hand. Hold the mouse using left hand, do some household jobs using left hand etc. The case is same for left hand people and they should do stuffs using right hand.

4. Play games like chess

There are many brain related games and the best one is chess. Playing chess involves a lot of calculation and it will tease your brain and memory. If you are a chess player, try to learn new openings, one you are not familiar with and do some experiments while playing.

Chess is a wonderful game and it is one of the best games that is closely related with brain. Usually grand masters of chess remember a lot of moves in front and that is their secret of success. Try to memorize chess moves in advance and forecast your opponent play and you can show wonders in chess.

Play chess and improve your memory


5. Sleep well

You are desperately need good rest and relax for better memory. Enough sleep is a must for good memory.

Exercise and rest are closely related and your brain need both. So do regular exercises like running, walking, swimming and sleep well.


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