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How to Improve Your Punching Power and Punching Strength

Updated on March 11, 2017
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First Things First Regarding Punching Power

Fighting sports have never been more popular thanks to the UFC and the evolution of Mixed Martial arts. Boxing is still the classy fighting sport and MMA is now the ultimate fighting sport.

The fighters involved with MMA are trained to fight on the ground using Jiu-Jitsu grappling and wrestling and when standing up it is good to know some kick-boxing, Muay Thai and of course good old boxing.

Now if you are going to be throwing punches you really need to be accurate and you should have some power behind your punch. Anyone can punch but can you punch hard enough to stun or knock out your opponent? Most people fall short here.

Can you also punch someone and not hurt your knuckles and wrist? Being able to punch hard and not hurt yourself should be part of your goal when increasing punching power.

To increase your punching power you will also want to increase your punching speed. Faster also equals harder.

Bag Gloves and a Heavy Bag are a Must

How to Increase Punching Power

If you don’t have these things you need to get them otherwise why are you reading this article.

  • Boxing hand wraps,
  • Heavy bag gloves,
  • A decent weight heavy bag.

Get a heavy bag that weighs at least 80lbs or heavier if you can afford it. Remember you are training to punch a human and most humans weigh well over 100lbs. Unless of course you are only ten years old and reading this article.

If you are hitting someone lighter than 80lbs then shame on you. Just push them over. You will also need a large enough area that you can do some core training.

If you have a week core you are holding yourself back from increasing your punching power.

  • Strengthening your core will not only help to increase your punching power you will be stronger in lifting weights and pretty much anything you do.
  • Train your core no more than 3 times a week spreading the workouts out.
  • Start with simple core exercises like planks and side planks then move on to more difficult core moves using a stability ball.
  • Do push ups with your feet up on a ball, with one hand on the ball and one on a chair then switch.
  • Search the internet for core exercises and you will find many to choose from and to keep your workouts fun and interesting and more important challenging for your mid section.

Push Ups With Feet on Stability Ball

How to Hit a Heavy Bag

Hitting the Heavy Bag

Practicing on your heavy bag can be done the same day you train your core area as that will cause your core to work that much harder and strengthen it that much more when adding some bag work.

  • Train 3 days a week on your heavy bag and try for 4 days in a week if you have a lot of energy and are fairly young as you will be able to recover quickly.

Please note, do not hit the heavy bag more than 4 days a week though. Make sure to learn proper technique when hitting the heavy bag. Check out the instructional video below.

If you have hand wraps and bag gloves try practicing with just the wraps on and sometimes with just the gloves to change things up. Don’t bend your wrists when hitting, twist your body at your hips when throwing a punch.

Don’t try to kill the bag. Hitting light to moderately hard is best for most of the time to improve your speed and technique. Eventually you will be able to kill the heavy bag once you learn proper technique and build up strength in your punches.

So just throw in small amounts of hard hitting especially at first. Over time when you have strengthened your core and wrists you can start hitting harder.

  • Consistency is the key for success with everything in life even for increasing your punching power.
  • Make sure to work out on the heavy bag around 3 to 4 times a week and in a month’s time you will feel the difference.
  • Practice and repetition are key to success in anything in life. The more you do something the better you get. Stronger smarter for efficient.

I know for a fact you will feel stronger and more powerful when striking the bag after a months time. When you clench your fist to throw a punch you will feel the added strength.

Good Video on How To Hit a Heavy Bag

Ali had one of the quickest and hardest punches combined
Ali had one of the quickest and hardest punches combined


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