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Obesity in America for children can be stopped

Updated on November 28, 2014

And how to prevent it

The importance of keeping your kids fit could affect the rest of their life. Fighting childhood obesity is every parents job. Statistics show that 16% of kids are obese, and 32% are overweight. Studies also show that kids that are overweight have a 3 to 4 times greater chance of developing heart disease, diabetes, and several other life changing diseases. They also are bullied more and have lower self esteem.

These numbers show the importance of making sure your kids grow up fit. If your child is overweight, it's not too late to improve their health with some simple weight loss techniques that will keep them from being part of the childhood obesity statistics.

One of the things that has been shown to make a difference in preventing childhood obesity, is to eat family meals together. If meals are eaten at different times, the quality of food tends to be less healthy. They will likely eat more prepared foods that are almost always less healthy. The prepared foods also contain high levels of sodium and much more fat than they should. They also contain higher levels of simple carbs that will cause them to store more body fat aiding in childhood obesity.

So many of the foods that your kids like, can be made much healthier if you cook them with real ingredients instead of getting it out of a box. A good example is macaroni and cheese, or spaghetti O's, or any of those canned or boxed meals for kids. If you use whole wheat pasta and use regular cheese or spaghetti sauce that has low fat and low sodium, you can give them the food they like and make it much better for them. These are just 2 examples of foods that you can make better if you look at what is in them and make them yourself and help fight childhood obesity.

healthy fruit
healthy fruit

Good health weight loss and exercise tips for all ages and levels of health.

Lose Weight

Limit their sugar intake. The sugar added to many juices for kids make them worse for the kids than pop. Sugary juice is not good for them. Reading labels on the food and drinks that you give to your kids is one of the best things you can do to fight childhood obesity, by giving them healthier things to put into their bodies. This alone can be enough in itself to significantly improve their health and yours as well. Almost all caned and bottled juice have added sugar or corn syrup.

Pack their lunch for school. The foods that they get fed in school lunches are not always the best for them. The congress has just declared pizza is a vegetable. You can pack them things that they like without the extras from processed foods. You can also give them a treat in their lunch so they will eat more of their lunch. Its OK to have a treat once in a while.

Get them away from the TV and video games when they are home, they need to be playing and moving to help build their muscles and bones as they grow. They need to get exercise to burn calories and keep off the fat. It is much easier to burn off fat when your young than when you get older. Get them into extra curricular activities in school, or out of school. Try different activities to find out what interests them. Try team and individual sports, or activities.

Childhood obesity is becoming a huge problem, you and your kids don't have to participate. The last and most important thing is for you to set a good example. They will be more likely to want to try things and get involved in things if you show them from example that exercise is good, and eating healthy is good. They look up to you for many of the things they need to grow up to be healthy and productive adults and not be part of the childhood obesity epidemic.

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