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How to lose pregnancy weight for good!

Updated on September 19, 2016

So, you've had the baby, now what? Now you need to get your body back into shape while being the best mommy that you can be. How do you begin? What do you do?

Depending on the type of pregnancy that you had and the state of your body pre-pregnancy, getting your body back into shape will be a different journey for everyone. However, this article will be helpful as a guide to the steps that everyone will have to take no matter the state of their body pre or post pregnancy.

What you do while you are pregnant counts!

During pregnancy most women, let themselves go as they see it as a free pass to eat anything at anytime. Most women also pay little to no attention to their sleep patterns as well as the development of a great workout regime.

All of the above mentioned are essential elements to how much you gain while you are pregnant, as well as how well you loose it after. The key is discipline and commitment.

While pregnant, it is important after the first trimester to develop a light workout routine. This light routine should include a good amount of cardio, (walking) and other muscle toning exercises, however in moderation.

What you eat while you are pregnant is also of utmost importance. While you are required to eat for two and gain a certain amount of weight in order to stay healthy for the baby. Most times women end up over doing it. A great way to avoid overdoing it is to practice self control and surrounding yourself with mostly healthy options to eat. So that when a craving hits, no matter the time of day, you are always met with eating options that will not make you feel guilty or cause you to gain unnecessary amounts of weight.

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Some helpful universally friendly tips for loosing weight after pregnancy!

Tip 1). Breastfeeding

As you may or may not know breast feeding is the age old way of loosing pregnancy weight. It's easy to do and is chuck filled with a never ending list of benefits for the baby. So it's a win win situation for all.

Tip 2). Drink a lot of coconut water.

Health guru's everywhere are currently obsessed with the coconut, and for good reason. It also comes into play when trying to loose pregnancy weight. Coconut water prevents dehydration, fatigue, and high blood pressure while pregnant. After the pregnancy however, when the water of the young coconut id drank it functions as a natural and very effective laxative in the body, removing all the waste and toxins that accumulated in the body while pregnant, which by the way is a lot. So one full glass of coconut water every morning especially in the first few days after giving birth, along with one glass before going to bed will go a long way in assisting the liver after child birth in thoroughly cleansing the body. Not to mention it will also go a long way in keeping the body hydrated while it undertakes the new task of breast feeding.

Tip 3). Create a workout regime. Stay active!

Creating a workout regime after you give birth is imperative to loosing weight. Staying active, while doing light cardio, and fixating on re-developing your core muscles is a good strategy to begin with. The key to a successful program is knowing when to begin and staying consistent, Beginning about 2 weeks after giving birth is a good idea, and even though it's frowned upon, we strongly advise that you utilize a girdle or waist trainer as this helps speed up the bodies snap back mechanism a lot better. Also, focusing on upper body building is a great way to strengthen your pectoral muscles and prevent your boobs from sagging.

Tip 4). Eating healthy along with a proper vitamin schedule.

Eating healthy is self explanatory, however, it is important that the diet after giving birth improves greatly to include foods rich in iron, calcium, fibers and especially iodine. It is also advised that all mothers especially one's that are breastfeeding should continue to take the prenatal vitamins after they give birth for at least 1 year. But for breastfeeding mother's they should continue for as long as they are breastfeeding.

Tip 5). Proper sleeping schedule!

This is so important for the body to recover correctly. As fast as you can it is important to get the baby on a sleep schedule and to get as much rest as you can. At first this will be difficult and slowly it will begin to happen only when the baby sleeps and this can be at some odd times. But, what you ideally want to achieve is sleep around the correct time which is from the hour of 9 pm at night to about 8 m in the morning.

Around these times is when the body is naturally designed to rest and heal itself while it is doing so. It is important in order for the body to properly detox and heal each and every organ for maximum health and recovery. So the faster you do this, the faster your body will recover from the changes it incurred from the pregnancy.

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