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How to lose weight naturally without extreme diet and exercise

Updated on May 23, 2012

One of the most effective ways and honest answer on how to lose weight is very simple; make a way that will keep your body moving. You do not need to undergo extreme diet and fat loss exercise, just keep on walking or moving around and you will see satisfactory results.

Here are some of the ways to keep your body moving and will help you consume some calories and lose some pounds or kilograms in just a matter of weeks.

These steps are proven effective ways and very safe for everybody even after pregnancy or giving birth.

Do not eat 3 to 4 hours before going to sleep

This technique was popularly known as after 6 diet. From the morning until 6 in the afternoon, you can take your regular eating habits, but after 6pm you should not take any food, but you can drink water before going to sleep at night. This is really effective because your body will not store excessive calories from food you eat that will eventually became fat.

Sleep early at night to avoid midnight snacks

If you stay up late at night, you will feel hungry and craving for foods. What usually happened is after eating foods, you will feel sleepy and the calories you take were not properly burned.

Drink lots of water

When you feel hungry and craving for foods, drink a glass of water first. Sometimes you are not really hungry, you're just thirsty. Drinking water and taking soup first before heavy meal will also help you eat less.

Eat fruits and vegetables that are rich in fiber

Eating fruits and vegetables keeps your stomach full longer than eating other foods. Have you heard of this phrase, fiber consumes fats? Fiber removes fats more quickly from your digestive system. This is also the reason you should always include fruits and vegetable in our diet.

Walk briskly

Normal walking is good but brisk walking is better. Japanese walk briskly, you will seldom see them walk gracefully or slowly, that was one of the reason they are slim and healthy.

Stand up, avoid sitting too much

If there is an opportunity to stand up while at work, stand up and walk around. Instead of sending emails, messages or calling on mobile phones, go directly to the person, you will not even notice how many minutes or hours and calories you already consume on walking and standing around.

Do not skip meals

Many women think that skipping meals is one of the best ways to lose their weight. Skipping meals won't help you lose your weight, instead, your body will keep an extra amount of calorie from what you eat and keep it stored in your body so the next time you feel hungry, you will still have enough energy to consume. To lose weight, you should not let your body store extra calorie, and to do this, you must consume the calories you eat by moving your body.


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