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How to make decisions before drinking alcohol

Updated on October 17, 2012

Contains questions about drinking

Drinking liquors, wine (red or white) and beers can be comforting. But drinking too much might just stir troubles and problems. Too much of alcohol might make you disoriented and you might utter words or make undesirable actions that might irk or hurt your drink mates. Arguments will spark all over and chances are this will brew quarrels and fighting. Many crimes and violence that materializes in almost anywhere are linked with persons that are intoxicated with alcohol. Too much of alcohol might also lead to numerous health problems.

The short term effects of too much drinking the day before includes hangover, nausea, vomiting, dizziness and being lethargic.

Before here are the things you need to consider before drinking or join in a bingeing:

Is it advisable to drink?

If you are not drinking then that’s great. Do not even attempt to try at all since alcohol can be addictive. But if you do, try to drink moderately as what is being recommended. If you cannot able to control your drinking then you should abstain.

How much should I drink?

How much is too much. You can be able to discern your limit in drinking once your judgment is distorted already. Once you feel like you will vomit and you are very dizzy, this is the time that alcohol already has a power over you, in other words you are drunk already. Do not wait for this scenario to come so that you will feel okay the next day and can still go home safe and sound. Set a manageable limit and reserve ample strength to go home.

When I will drink?

The rule of the thumb is not to drink when you drive. Many road accidents and tragedies are linked to alcohol abuse. You may not also drink if you will engage in any activity that requires attentiveness. You may not also drink when you will attend religious activities, if you are pregnant or you are taking some medications.

Where will I drink?

The most suitable place to drink must be wholesome, decent and free from any troubles and troublemakers. Do not drink in secret. Drink with your closest friends or relative where you feel are safe. So also, never drink in a place where people will be offended by alcohol.

With whom I will drink?

With wholesome friends, relatives or family; not with people who can cause troubles and problems.

That’s it folks thanks for the read!

An entry to the HubChallenge October 2011


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