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How to Make Yourself Look and Feel ten Years Younger, Naturally and on a Tight Budget.

Updated on March 1, 2018
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Galaxy is a mother of three who has changed her life for the better.

A smile makes you look younger and lifts the face.

How to Look ten Years Younger.

I think that most of us would like to look and feel a little bit younger if we were honest, I know I would. I don't want to look like a teenager again but if there was a way to shed a year or two or ten I would take it in a heartbeat.

The good news is that there are ways to make ourselves look and feel just that little bit younger without resorting to the surgeons' knife and without breaking the bank. Looking and feeling younger can be simple if you follow a few simple tips.

Twelve top tips that really do help you look years younger.


It’s not just about buying younger looking clothes. It is about finding up to the minute clothes that suit you and how you wear them. Look at the people around you, at work on the bus and in magazines. See how people are wearing the latest clothes and adapt their ideas to suit yourself. Don’t be tempted to dress too young, though, as that can show your age even more than dressing in ‘granny’ clothes. Just apply a sensible approach to dressing, don't wear skirts that are too short, nothing says late middle age/old age like a pair of knobbly knees. Too long skirts can also be quite ageing, look out for ones that hang just below the knee for a flattering look.

2.Stop smoking.

It ruins your teeth, your health and your wealth. It ages the skin and gives it a sallow look. Smoking causes vertical lines around the mouth and increases the wrinkly look of all of your skin. If you really, really can't quit then cut down as much as possible, look out for kinds of toothpaste that are specifically designed for smokers and wash your face after each cigarette.

3.Keep your smile.

A bright and clean smile is youthful. Nothing ages a person more than old looking teeth. You don’t need to spend a fortune on teeth whitening products, you can buy some very good and very cheap whitening toothpaste in the local supermarket that works just fine. Avoid drinking too much tea, coffee and red wine as these all stain the teeth.Chewing sugar-free gum after drinking staining liquids works well if you can't brush your teeth straight away.


It takes years off of you. A smile lifts the face and makes you appear more attractive. A smile is like a free facelift. See for yourself, stand in front of a mirror, close your eyes and relax your face. Open your eyes take a look at yourself and then smile. See- years younger!

5. Lose some weight.

if you are a little bit heavy for your height. Always check with your doctor before you start a serious diet but if you only want to lose a few pounds and are prepared to do it slowly you should be fine.

6.Stand up straight.

Put your shoulders back and walk tall. You don’t see many youngsters walking along all hunched over unless it’s really cold or they are being really surly!

7.Take a good long look at your make up regime.

It could date you if you are still wearing the same old stuff in the same old way you have been since you started wearing makeup. If you don’t wear makeup consider using just a little bit of lipstick a pale colour works well and helps to protect the lips too. Blusher is a must as you get older it gives warmth and interest to the face and helps give you a youthful glow. A touch of eye makeup looks younger than if you use a trowel to apply it, remember - less is more as you get on in years.

8.Stop sunbathing.

The sun is the major cause of skin ageing if you really must tan then consider using one of the excellent self-tanning products on the market. If you do go out in the strong sun use a high factor sun cream and avoid the midday sun at all costs.

9.Always use a moisturiser.

Always. Day and night. A cheap one from the supermarket is as good as anything. Don’t forget your body and especially your hands. Old looking hands are a dead giveaway.

10.Remove age spots.

If you have some age spots.of those ugly looking brown age spots on your hands try rubbing them with a cut lemon every day, the lemon juice does a very good job of bleaching the skin naturally. You can buy some over the counter creams that do the same thing but cost a lot more, I guess it all depends on your budget.

11.Take a look at your hair.

Consider a younger looking cut and find something that suits the shape of your face, a shape that has more than likely changed a little as you’ve aged. Consider changing the colour a bit, you don’t have to get rid of all of your grey hair if you have any but a warmer colour looks younger. Colour your hair at home using any one of the very good products available from supermarkets etc.The result will be just as good as an expensive visit to a hair salon, you can save money and still look good,

12.Think younger.

It might sound silly but if you think you are younger than you are chances are you will look and act younger too. People form an impression of you in an instant, make sure it is the right impression by acting in a youthful manner.

Follow these 12 simple, budget-busting steps and you will end up looking and feeling younger and healthier.

Please take the time to answer this simple poll.

Have you followed any of these tips and if so - did they work?

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© 2010 Galaxy Harvey


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