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How to Overcome Anxiety in COVID-19:

Updated on June 12, 2020
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Covid 19 has effects our lives badly but now we have to overcome anxiety due to this virus and neeed to take care of our mental health.

Over come anxiety in COVID-19 pandemic:

COVID-19 pandemic effects our lives badly in every aspect like mentally and financially. We are suffering from mental health issues and also with financially crises. It's time to overcome our anxiety. It's time to start learning how to live with this pandemic. It's time to take care of ourselves. We have to believe in God's plan and make ourselves strong( mentally and physically). Nothing is permanent in this temporary world. One day we will feel free. One day there is no fear of being affected by this virus. One day we can freely plans hangouts with our friends and family. One day we can hug them all without any fear of being affected as nothing is permanent in this world.

1.Acknowledge inner strength:

In this situation we need to acknowledge our strength. We need to believe that we can overcome this virus one day instead of thinking we can't deal with it or we'll never get through this. Thinking this diminishes our ability to cope. In this situation we need to stay positive and spread positivity too instead of spreading negativity and hopelessness. We need to acknowledge our strength we need to believe this, that one day we will get through all of this. We need to make our self mentally strong.

2.Practicing gratitude:

We have to practice gratitude no matter how tough is the situation and in how much difficulty we are facing we should practice gratitude. This will make our mind strong. Practicing gratitude doesn't mean we'll forgot all of the pain and hardship but we have to practice gratitude for those lovely days in lives which brings smile on our faces. In hardship we had to remember positive aspects of our lives. It will help us in becoming a strong human.

3.Learn to live with this pandemic:

It's time to learn living with this pandemic. Many of us our living in those countries suffering from COVID-19 pandemic. We don't know when will it all ends. Now we have to overcome our fears and anxieties and try to live normal life with this pandemic with precautionary measures such as avoid physical contacting with people, wash your hand after every 60 minutes for 20 seconds, avoid gatherings use mask and surgical gloves while going out of house and take sanitizer with you if you are not comfortable in wearing surgical gloves but mask is compulsory it's lowers risk of being affected by virus.

4.Take care:

When we become mentally strong, taking care of ourselves will be our first priority. Now matter how tough is the situation we have to take care of ourselves. Eat healthy, do exercise daily, drink plenty of water and daily take 8-10 hours sleeep because sleeping helps to relax our mind and body. We can also take nap of 2-3 hours once a day.

5.Eat healthy:

We need to eat healthy to increase our imunity. Use lots of fruits containing vitamin c. U can eat oranges, papaya, strawberries, watermelon, apricot, bananas and mangoes. Avoid drinking cold water. Drink plenty of luke warm water as drinking cold water can cause cough and fever etc. Use soups(mutton soup, beaf soup & vegetables soups). Avoid oily foood and bakery items. Use vegetables having vitamin C.

Fruits and vegetables having Vitamin C:

1. Guavas contains 419% DV (377mg) vitamin C per cup

2. Bell peper contains 211% DV (190mg) vitamin C per cup

3. Kiwifruit contains 185% DV (167mg) vitamin C per cup

4. Strawberries contains 108% DV (98mg) vitamin C per cup

5. Oranges contains 106% DV (96mg) vitamin C per cup

6. Brocli contains 90% DV (81mg) vitamin C per cup

And lots more like tomatoes, kale, snow peas and papaya etc.

Homemade mask and sanitizer:

Homemade sanitizer and mask:

Some of us are going through financial crises specially in Asian countries. As using sanitizer and mask are compulsory now a day and some of people can't afford these fancy things.


U can make a perfect mask at home with any piece of cloth or empty plastic file. And reuse it after washing too. There are many videos of making mask on Google.


U can make sanitizer at home all you need is 2 tablespoon of detol and 1/2 cup water and spray bottle.

Infected with COVID-19:

If any of you get infected by this virus then the first thing you have to do is isolate yourself in a room. Avoid getting isolated in hospitals because Asian hospitals are another source of spreading COVID-19 and making it worst. Don't get panic, i repeat don't get panic just relax and believe you'll going to get through all of this soon. Sleep as much as you can. While sleeping you are free of every tension and it helps healing you soon. Eat healthy and take vitamin c. Eat fruit, vegetables, mutton, beaf take soups and juices etc. Take medicine (refered by Dr) on time. For fever you can take Panadol twice or thrice a day or as recommended by your physician. Take lots of juices, drink tea & coffee etc. Think positive than you will going to recover soon instead of leaving hope.


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