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How to overcome fear that limits your success

Updated on June 25, 2013

Everyone wants to lead a better and successful life. We think of setting some goals and achieving them like to develop your love life, to become the best employee of the year,to become a film director, to become a millionaire… etc.., we get inspired from the sayings like “Dare to Dream and Care to Achieve”. Most of the times one thing stands between you and your success. I think by now you guessed what it is, yes, Fear.

Fear is required in an individual's life to a certain extent. Fear is something which has a few limits and age restrictions. When it crosses the limits it causes a serious damage to our personal growth and makes our dreams impossible.

Different people have different kinds of fears in their life.

# Fear of taking decisions: Many people have fear of taking decisions. They worry and get anxiety, not able to think whether it gives positive results or negative. We can see lot of people blaming themselves for not taking decisions in proper time. This fear comes out of the thought that the decision taken should be beneficial or not able to tolerate the loss that might have occurred from the decision taken.

Always remember one thing “Life is not a bed of roses”, all the decisions taken in your life might not be in favor of you, but those decisions help you in learning some new lessons and teach you a great experience. Those experiences and lessons guide you a way to achieve success in your life.

# Fear of taking risks: Every moment of our life has become risky. If we don’t take risks we can’t even do the road journey because risk is involved there also then how come you do Life journey. Take some risk to invest money, do sky diving, go for trekking…. It gives you a lot fun, enjoyment and also success.

Try to think of the success you are going to achieve. Leave behind the negative thoughts and take risks in your life which definitely helps your personal growth.

#Fear of Public speaking: 90% of the people have the fear of public speaking. They don’t even dare to climb the stage, even they do words won’t come of their mouth. Nobody is attacking you, nobody kills you or scold you for not talking, still … fear. What happens if you do not speak you lose the competition. The main reason for this fear is “the motto of impressing others and the thought of,what happens if I don’t impress them”.

Try to overcome this fear in a planned way. Those who are self-confident do not have fear. To become self-confident you should develop the knowledge. Try to gather much information about the topic you are talking about, write it on a paper, read it more than once and then make an attempt on the stage. Initially you may feel nervous but gradually the speech goes well.

#Fear of accepting mistakes: If you make a mistake it follows you. That thought always remains in your mind and makes you feel guilty which in turn causes fear. This fear drains your energy and brings you sleepless nights.

The best way to get rid of this fear is to accept your mistakes and faults, apologize to the people concerned. It gives a lot of relief to your racing heart.


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    • sunilkunnoth2012 profile image

      Sunil Kumar Kunnoth 4 years ago from Calicut (Kozhikode, South India)

      Well written and informative. Your tips are highly appreciated. Thank you for sharing.