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Why would you want everyone else to be like you?

Updated on April 5, 2015

Have you noticed that people who are vegetarians extol the benefits of being a vegan, that people who are married , try to find someone for their unmarried friends, Dukan Dieters say that this is one of the best diets. Atkins Dieters can show you how to lose weight in 30 days.

There are many examples which I can expose to you but the paradox is that each one of us thinks of himself as a reasonable and tolerant person, which can be understood by others in most situations and yet we find ourselves in situations when we argue, we fight and we are upset if someone has a different opinion from ours.

It is difficult to accept that people around may have different choices than we do!

I met engineers for which artists were just some losers and artists for which engineers were mediocre people.

I met people who do not exercise regularly and who considered running a waste of time and runners who ridicule those who do not run.

Labeling and separation go in depth even in the same field. For example those who study into classical music industry, consider the others from different music industries some dilettantes . And others consider the classicists some arrogant and outdated people.

Everything started from the point that people make different decisions in life, considering that it might be the best for them.


I surprised myself so many times in the same trap in which I think that the decisions I made for myself, are much better and more valuable than someone else's decision made in a similar situation .

The reality is that everyone is living with the consequences of their own decisions .

The question is why we tend to impose our ideas on a subject over others ?

I think that all this can be explained by the desire to defend our individuality. It connects with the fact that we find hard to admit that sometimes we make mistakes and that in our everyday life, from the morning to evening, we are the center of our own universe.

At some point someone said that it is useless to worry about someone who laughs at your mistakes . In reality nobody cares for your mistakes, everyone is too busy to realize who cares for his mistakes .


Several experiments have concluded that another reason why we are some preachers of our own decisions is closely linked to how much we idealize a situation we are experiencing and that the level of idealizing a situation is greater as we have less chance to change it .

Basically ... the more we are stuck in a situation and it seems that there is no way out, the more we begin to idealize the situation and to find justification for which we continue remaining in that situation.

Indeed, we are trying to gain followers on our life style .

What do you call that? Ah yes, again ... Cognitive Dissonance .


Do you want to know why people find it difficult to change?

It's not because they can not do that, or they would not have enough resources , or they would miss something .

The main reason why people find it difficult to change is that it's more comfortable to lie to yourself than recognizing that you're in deep shit.

Eventually they say that "the truth will set you free", but first it will get you angry as hell ...


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