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How to preapre your body for working out before you truly start

Updated on October 30, 2012

Push up images


Preparing the body Pre first time in the gym work out)

This article is to help those who want to start going to the gym. This is a home workout to shock the body if you've never truly hit the gym. What this does is prepare your body for the intensity in the gym and also lowers the amount of soreness you'll feel once you begin working out on a regular basis. This should be done every other day for a week before you start going to the gym.

Now I know everyone remembers PE and push ups, well this is going to be the entirety of your pre gym workout.

1st stretch out a bit, hopefully i don't have to teach how to strecth.

2nd this is going to be difficult for some but its push up time. I want you to do 20 with your elbows in by your sides and and hands about a foot apart.

3rd now you will repeat the last step but with your hands wide apart

4th now only ten push ups but with your hands together making a triangle.

5th now this is going to be a warm up day as day one. I'd like you to get water and repeat these steps 3 more times. After that you're done with an introductory tricep and chest workout.

If Anyone needs help or questions leave a comment. If someone has workout questions post them or if anyone needs a video of this I can make it for them, just let me know.


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