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How to reduce the pain of waiting

Updated on May 12, 2012

We All Suffer from the pain of Waiting

Waiting is a part of life

We all experience the frequent pain in our lives of waiting for something which stretches at times testing our patience. At the end of this we emerge thoroughly exhausted which eats up in the remaining part of the day. A bit of being conscious of this issue and finding ways and means to reduce the pain of waiting is a worthwhile exercise.

Steven Covey's 10/90 Principle

One must see the 10/90 principle of Covey which explains that we alone are responsible for most of our miseries, at least 90% of them and 10% are caused by factors beyond our control. Most of the times we are obsessed with the 10% where we have no control and the 90% which is under our control is just ignored. We are facing a delay in a flight where we do not have any control and we are under anxiety performing countdowns. Let go! That is the message from Covey. Enjoy these unprecedentedly free moment as a gift of forces controlling our life. Take it as the moment where you are not answerable to anyone. So enjoy doing what you like i.e. reading, imagining, fantasizing, going back to your sweet memories, observing people in an unobtrusive manner, watching the work processes at the airport. The list is long!

Some common tips from a common man to reduce the pain of waiting

  • Try to forget the thing you are waiting for

Whenever we are waiting for some one and some thing we get totally obsessed with that so much so that the mind refuses to do anything else. Try shaking it off as if you are not waiting at all. Get engaged seriously in doing something.

Like when at home waiting for a guest try to get into your most favorite activity, watching movies, reading magazines etc. Find that act and remove the thought of that person. It does not mean that you forget him.. But keep the intensity of waiting pain as low as possibel.

  • Traffic Congestion

You have been cursing this traffic congestion every day and keep boiling inside but things do not change. Take the cue from Steven Covey. You cannot do any thing about this. Just resign to the fact. There is no use cursing the mayor or the president or any other authority. You can always vent your feelings in a forum or media. Enjoy the cars around you. See their make or brand. See if any new model is there. Try counting cars ahead of you. Or best thing may be keeping your favorite songs for this moment. Do something to arrest the boil of the mind. May be feel your breathing, in and out. Relax.

  • Any other waiting

It is all about re-programing the mind. Practice this art. It is like an animal at times. You need to tie it and reign in. It can happen. The constant irritant in your life may give way to a pleasant part. Onus is on you and choice is yours!


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